CDS (I) and (II) Exam

Combined Defence Services (I) and (II) Exam

CDS (I) and (II) Preparation Tips

Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS) are held twice a year for recruitment of candidates in Army, Navy and Air Force. In order to clear the CDS exam applicants must appear for written exam followed by an intelligence and personality test. There are lakhs of candidates who appear for the exam all with the expectation of clearing the examinations. However, do not underestimate the exam as it is a tough nut crack. 

Here are some fool-proof preparation tips that can help you clear the CDS exam and become a part of the professional uniformed services:

1. Make a Plan:

Making a plan is very important when preparing for any examination. Hence, for CDS chalk out a plan for your studies, keeping in consideration all your material and notes. You can set up a routine by planning which topics you want to learn or revise first. The most important thing to keep in mind is to follow the plan made without failure because this routine will help you crack CDS. 

2. Assimilate the Syllabus:

It is a candidate's first responsibility to know the syllabus correctly and understand what is required in cracking the exam. There is an exhaustive list of topics that needs to be covered for the CDS exam and the key for any candidate is know which subjects to prefer first. Students should also create an updated list of the completed or pending topics for them to remember their priorities.

 3. Updating your General Knowledge:

A major chunk of CDS examination consists of the General Knowledge section and it is a subject that is constantly developing. You need to pull up your socks and start preparing for General Knowledge from the day you have decided that you will be attempting the CDS examination. Candidates can start preparing for the same by regularly reading newspapers, keeping themselves with what is happening in their surroundings, viewing or attending debates and discussion that will give clarity to political awareness. The ultimate goal of any student should include being well-versed in all aspects of the country from politics, economics, scientific developments, sports to government policies and bills passed.  

4. Time Management:

The most important point to be kept in mind when attempting any examination is time management. The competitive examinations test the speed of the candidates, hence while preparation candidates must include learning about how to manage their time wisely. This is relevant not only for attempting the competitive examination but also while preparing for the examination. The time each student is taking to revise, understand or research is equally important, preparing yourself to complete the exam before the scheduled time so that you can revise your answers is also of utmost importance. 

5. One Subject at a Time:

Candidates who are appearing for CDS should give time to each subject individually rather than revising or learning multiple subjects. This trick is going to assist you to have a complete understanding of the subject in question and also the learning process will be more structured and methodical. This way you will be able to remember all your concepts in a clear manner, for a longer time-frame. 

6. Practice is the Key:

There are numerous test series and mock test available online also there are previous year question papers available on the CareerIndia website (click here) which can be practiced. Candidates should download these previous year question papers and attempt them in the scheduled time or less. This will help them in not only revising their syllabus but also time management can be tracked. Remember practicing what you have learnt will enhance your knowledge. 

7. Personality Development:

One of the top essential point to remember is that you are applying for the job of a professional uniformed serviceman. You have to work towards being calm when making a judgment or handling a situation. You have to have a fair view of the situation and foster the ability to handle the difficult and tricky situations as this will play an important role in your selection in CDS. This is also relevant during the examination and how to maintain your cool.  

8. Fostering a Positive Attitude:

After all the above points have been kept into consideration the last point to remember is having a positive attitude. While preparing for any competitive exam the pressure will build and you will have the urge to quit mid-way. But, remember that you have to work hard towards reaching your goal and a positive attitude will help you immensely. 


Last Minute Preparation Tips for CDS Exam

Now that you have diligently prepared for the exams and studied all the topics, alongside practicing the mock tests and also previous year question papers, there is just one more thing to do. Here we list some of the most important last minute tips which will help you ace your exams. 

1. Take a notebook or post-its and jot down all the important formulas and equations that you are likely to come across your examination. This process will help you save time in looking for the formulas when needed and keeping them handy will also assist in revising them continuously. On the exam day glance at these notes and go to the exam hall, it will be in your mind throughout the process.

2. Now there is no time to learn a new topic, what you have prepared is enough. Use these last few days to revise all that has been prepared and be confident. 

3. Do not forget to work on your time management skills. Remember not to get stuck on any particular question for too long. If you have no idea about the answer move to the next question and you can revisit your left out questions later. You can also attempt the easier questions first.  

4. There is negative marking hence, keep in mind that you have to be careful about answering the same. Do not do guesswork, instead leave the question and revisit it later once you are done with the other questions. 

5. Remember to go through previous year question papers and online mock tests which can help you determine your time management and also how far have you prepared for the examination. 

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