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The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is conducted in 3 stages : Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Prelims is the qualifying criteria for the aspirants to appear in the Mains Examination and then a final round of Interview is conducted for the selected candidates. Marks obtained in the Mains Examination and Interview are then combined to get the Toppers and Qualifying candidates. Here, proper information about the candidates who have qualified is provided by CareerIndia that includes the following:

The UPSC Toppers page is providing the list of Toppers for the year 2021.

Addition of the success stories of the UPSC CSE 2021 All India Rank (AIR) holders are also given, through which; the aspiring aspirants for UPSC can get motivation and continue with their hard and smart work to qualify for the competitive examination. Toppers' success stories are to be received as inspiring tales/inspiration; to be boosted and focused for the examination.

Another main section of this page will comprise UPSC, IAS Rankers, and Roll Numbers of the candidates, as an instrument of inspiration.

CareerIndia also equips with the list of 1st Rank holders from the last 3 decades, i.e; from 1990 till the present date of the Examination.

According to the marks obtained in the Mains Examination and Interview, the selected candidates are allotted the Civil Services such as IAS, IFS, IES, IPS, and Central Services: Group “A” and Group “B”.

UPSC Civil Services 2021

The UPSC Final Result 2021 was released on May 30 and recommends a total of 685 candidates for appointment. It has also released the reserve list and other details. 

UPSC Civil Services Toppers 2021

Rank  Name
1 Shruti Sharma
2 Ankita Agarwal
3 Gamini Singla
4 Aishwarya Verma
5 Utkarsh Dwivedi
6 Yaksh Chaudhary
7 Samyak S Jain
8 Ishita Rathi
9 Preetam Kumar
10 Harkeerat Singh Randhawa

UPSC Top 50 Civil Service Rankers 2021

1. Shruti Sharma

2. Ankita Agarwal

3. Gamini Singla

4. Aishwarya Verma

5. Utkrarsh Dwivedi

6. Yaksh Chaudhary

7. Samyak S Jain

8. Ishita Rathi

9. Preetam Kumar

10. Harkeerat Singh Randhawa

11. Shubhankar Pratyush Pathak

12. Yasharth Shekhar

13. Priyamvada Ashok Mhaddalkar

14. Abhinav J Jain

15. C Yaswanthkumar Reddy

16. Anshi Priya

17. Mehak Jain

18. Ravi Kumar Sihag

19. Diksha Joshi

20. Arpit Chauhan

21. Dilip K Kainikkara

22. Sunil Kumar Dhanwanta

23. Ashish

24. Pusapati Sahitya

25. Shruti Rajlakshmi

26. Utsav Anand

27. Saksham Goel

28. Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj

29. Bhavishya

30. Naman Goyal

31. Avinash V

32. Navandar Anay Nitin

33. Jaspindar Singh

34. Shashvat Sangwan

35. Kartikeya Jaiswal

36. Jasmine

37. V Sanjana Simha

38. Ravikumar

39. Vishal Dhakad

40. Kushal Jain

41. Sonali Dev

42. Swathi Sree T

43. Shubham Shukla

44. Anjali Shrotriya

45. Shradha Shukla

46. Ramya C S

47. Naman Kumar Singla

48. Ayushi

49. Divyansh Singh

50. Abhijit Ray

UPSC IAS 1st Rankers List 

Year Name State
2021 Shruti Sharma Uttar Pradesh
2020 Shubham Kumar  Bihar
2019 Pradeep Singh Haryana
2018 Kanishka Kataria Rajasthan 
2017  Anudeep Durishetty Telangana 
2016  Nanini Karnataka 
2015 Tina Dabi Delhi 
2014 Ira Singhal Delhi 
2013 Gaurav Agarwal Rajasthan 
2012 Haritha V Kumar  Kerala 
2011 Shena Aggarwal  Haryana 
2010  S Divyadarshini Tamil Nadu 
2009 Shah Faesal Jammu & Kashmir
2008 Shubhra Saxena  Uttar Pradesh
2007 Adapa Karthik Andhra Pradesh
2006 Mutyalaraju Revu Andhra Pradesh
2005 Mona Pruthi Haryana
2004 S Nagarajan Tamil Nadu
2003 Roopa Mishra Odisha
2002 Ankur Garg Punjab
2001 Alok Ranjan Jha Bihar
2000 Vijayalakshmi Bidari Karnataka 
1999 Sorabh Babu Uttar Pradesh
1998 Bhawna Garg Punjab
1997 Devesh Kumar Bihar
1996 Sunil Kumar Barnwal Bihar
1995 Iqbal Dhaliwal Tamil Nadu
1994 Asutosh Jindal Delhi
1993 Srivatsa Krishna Karnataka
1992 Shri Anurag Srivastava Uttar Pradesh
1991 Raju Narayana Swamy Kerala
1990 Lakshmi Narayana Andhra Pradesh

UPSC CSE TOPPER 2021: IAS Success Stories


CareerIndia brings forth the success story of the toppers for the candidates, looking forward to excelling in the UPSC Examination. Shruti Sharma (AIR-1), Ankita Agarwal (AIR -2), and Gamini Singla (AIR-3) are the three toppers of the year 2021.

AIR-1 SHRUTI SHARMA: Choose to Serve the Nation  

Hailing from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, the AIR-1, Shruti Sharma qualified for her UPSC IAS Examination on her second attempt and excelled in the examination with a total score of 1105 out of 2025. Shruti Sharma is a History Graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. And further, she did her Post Graduation in Modern History from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi.

Shruti Sharma belongs to a family that comprises Doctors and Engineers. She is the only one who pursued Humanities and choose to become an IAS Officer to serve the nation from a wider perspective.

N.C.E.R.T. is one of the most significant pieces of advice

The IAS Topper, Shruti Sharma opines that it is more important to focus on the quality of Education than merely spending hours for the sake of study. According to Shruti Sharma, at present time, study materials for UPSC Examination are floating all around, be they physical study materials or digital materials. So, the aspirants really need to be tactful in selecting the study material for their preparation for UPSC. The study material should be according to the syllabus of UPSC. Following the very basic book, N.C.E.R.T. is one of the most significant pieces of advice she has for aspiring candidates of UPSC. Shruti Sharma states that preparing notes by herself is one of the key factors that helped her a lot. She; in a conversation with the media, expressed that having self-made notes of Current Affairs from Newspapers has a great impact on her preparation process.

Shruti Sharma also expresses her happiness about the success stories of Ankita Agrawal and Gamini Singla, 2nd and 3rd UPSC IAS Toppers respectively as all the top three toppers are women. According to Shruti Sharma, in modern times, women are getting more exposure than earlier, hence such achievement of women is expected and highly commendable. Such a statement of the UPSC IAS Topper, 2021 is an inspiration to the folk, looking forward to opting for UPSC.

AIR-2 ANKITA AGARWAL: Journey to Be An IAS Officer

Ankita Agarwal is the second topper of the UPSC 2021. Earlier, in the year 2019, she did qualify for the UPSC Examination with a rank of 236, which offered her the post of IRS (Indian Revenue Services). Before becoming a public servant, she worked in a development advisory firm, named Dalberg for almost a year. Ankita Agarwal is a person who believes in working at the grassroots level to deal with the situation at its very core. In many of her interviews, she spoke about herself shifting to Kolkata from Bihar. Her father shifted to Kolkata from Bihar after her birth to start a business in Kolkata. Ankita Agarwal received her elementary education in Bihar itself and completed her schooling at D.P.S, Kolkata, West Bengal. She then completed her Honours Degree (Graduation) in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Political Science and International Relations were the optional subjects; Ankita Agarwal opted for in her Graduation which helped in succeeding in the journey of becoming an IAS officer.

Ankita Agarwal, the 2nd UPSC IAS Topper qualified for her UPSC Examination qualified examination on her 3rd attempt. She loves to be in her home cadre to serve the nation in various ways.

AIR-3 GAMINI SINGLA: An IAS Officer to Serve her Motherland!

A native of Chandigarh, the 3rd UPSC Topper 2021; Gamini Singla is a Computer Science Graduate from the Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. She qualified for her UPSC exam on 2nd attempt for the welfare of the people in various ways. She belongs to a family of doctors and engineers, wherein; her mother and father belong to the Medical Department, currently serving the people of Himachal Pradesh and her brother is a Graduate of IIT Kharagpur. Gamini Singla strongly infers in serving the nation and thus chose to be an IAS Officer. Sociology was the optional subject she kept in her UPSC Examination. She firmly believes that there are many unique ways to qualify for the examination. One cannot and actually should not be stuck to one particular method and way of qualifying for the UPSC Examination. Gamini Singla finds herself in a good state of mind, when with books as they are a powerhouse of knowledge as knowledge never fails a human being. The third UPSC IAS Topper, Gamini Singla has worked hard to crack the UPSC Examination on her 2nd attempt itself.

Gamini Singla infers in befriending with the books, especially; the basic ones as the basic books help in making the concept clear and easy to understand. Books are an inevitable part of life, says the 3rd topper of UPSC. She focuses immensely on practicing the Answer-writing part as well. Gamini Singla also states in many interviews of her that aspirants must have strong grit as such determination helps a lot in dealing with the hurdles in a proper manner.

Last but not least, the 3rd topper, Gamini Singla emphasized self-study tremendously. One of the major factors that pave the path to clearing the examination is self-practice through solving mock tests and self-study.

Provisional Roll Numbers of the Recommended Candidates

0121923 0219163 0306666 0310144 0310765 0311525
0312516 0319716 0324774 0401098 0507573 0800531
0803011 0804246 0804543 0807702 0809795 0821045
0821487 0821839 0824012 0826342 0832246 0832947
0845394 0846100 0846554 0847240 0853453 0855930
0857918 0859706 0861961 0878937 0886069 0886717
0886729 1005179 1010295 1011485 1025782 1036940
1041582 1046796 1046953 1102207 1103382 1111749
1139841 1209936 1222971 1224948 1408215 1515621
1800124 3400654 3527572 3538685 3600528 4107347
5100752 5104616 5610287 5812606 5914236 6204937
6206389 6208279 6301190 6301399 6303875 6303929
6310991 6311454 6312383 6500901 6616555 6617205
6630017 6903598        


UPSC Success Stories  

We welcome all UPSC toppers to share their success story through our platform to inspire future aspirants. Most of our readers are eagerly waiting for Civil Service exam toppers preparation tips along with interview tips. IAS toppers can connect with us on email: and write their success mantra. The mail should be highlighted with ''UPSC Civil Services Success Story'' in the subject line. 

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