Oriya Main Syllabus


Answers must be written in Oriya.


History of Oriya Language

(i) Origin and development of Oriya Language-Influence of Austric, Dravidian, Perso-Arabic and English on Oriya Language.

(ii) Phonetics and Phonemics : Vowels, Consonants Principles of changes in Oriya sounds.

(iii) Morphology : Morphemes (free, bound compound and complex), derivational and inflectional affixes, case inflection, conjugation of verb.

(iv) Syntax : Kinds of sentences and their transformation, structure of sentences.

(v) Semantics-Different types of change in meaning Euphemism.

(vi) Common errors in spellings, grammatical uses and construction of sentences.

(vii) Regional variations in Oriya Language (Western, Southern and Northern Oriya) and Dialects (Bhatri and Desia)


History of Oriya Literature

(i) Historical backgrounds (social, cultural and political) of Oriya Literature of different periods.

(ii) Ancient epics, ornate kavyas and padavalis.

(iii) Typical structural forms of Oriya Literature (Koili, Chautisa, Poi, Chaupadi, Champu).

(iv) Modern trends in poetry, drama short story, novel, essay and literary criticism.


Answers must be written in Oriya.

Critical Study of texts -

The paper will require first hand reading of the text and test the critical ability of the candidate.




1.Sãralã Das-Shanti Parva from Mãhãbharãta.

2.Jaganãth Das-Bhãgãbate, XI Skandha-Jadu Avadhuta Sambãda.


3.Dinãkrushna Dãs-Rasakallola- (Chhãndas-16 & 34)

4.Upendra Bhanja-Lãvanyabati (Chhãndas-1 & 2)


5.Rãdhãnãth Rãy-Chandrabhãgã

6.Mãyãdhãr Mãnasinha-Jeevan Chitã

7.Satchidãnanda Routray-Kabitã-1962

8.Ramãkãnta Ratha-Saptama Ritu.


Drama :

9.Manoranjan Dãs-Kãtha-Ghodã

10.Bijay Mishra-Tata Niranjanã

Novel :

11.Fakir Mohan Senãpati-Chhamãna Ãthaguntha

12.Gopinãth Mohanty-Dãnãpãni

Short Story

13.Surendra Mohãnty-Marãlãra Mrityu

14.Manoj Dãs-Laxmira Abhisara

Essay :

15.Chittaranjan Dãs-Taranga O Tadit (First five essays).

16.Chandra Sekhar Rath-Mun Satya-dhãrma Kahuchhi (First five essays)

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