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JEE Main Exam

Joint Entrance Examination (Main) Exam

How to Crack JEE Main

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, is all set to conduct Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2017. We bring you the most important tips for preparation for JEE Main 2017:

Time Management: Students must have to allocate the time for preparing for the entrance exam. Time management plays a crucial role. Allocate the available time into each subject. While doing calculations in mathematics, use short methods and skip unimportant steps to save your time. Avoid using calculators for calculations in order to increase your speed and strike rate.

Solve easy questions: Try to solve easy and average questions first, as it will help you immensely to get through. Go in for the toughest ones later.

Analyse weak parts: Analysing those areas where you are taking much time to solve the problems is the best exam preparation tips for JEE. Analyse the sections where you take a lot of time and keep an eye on sections where you are the best. While practicing papers keep an eye on the mistakes you have made in the first paper.

Appear for theory part first: First, go through the theoretical questions and then for calculative questions. During the first 15 minutes of the exam avoid attempting numerical questions.

Practice quality questions: The more you practice, the perfect you will become, and you will be more confident to attend more questions. Practice quality questions more, as doing hundred quality questions is better than doing thousands of questions.

Try till you succeed: Trying till you succeed is another factor that would make your effort fruitful. While looking at problematic areas, try conventional methods first and if they do not work then try to understand the problem again. Try till your limits get exhausted and then refer to the solution.

Solve old question paper: Referring the old questions papers just to understand the important parts of the syllabus. Also, try not to miss put on anything, as the knowledge you will grab from those topics will not get wasted.

Keep time for revision: Try to finish the paper before the time, so that in the end you get time to revise you paper. It's good that you know almost all the answers, but revision is a must. In fact, while revising if you find any mistakes, it would be good for you to correct it.

Practice the format: The format of the JEE is entirely different from the secondary board exams. Practicing more and more questions in MCQ format is the most suitable exam preparation tip. There is negative marking in exam, so confirm before marking the answers.

Avoid guesses and unnecessary steps: While attempting questions, avoid random guesses as much as you can. If you are finding it difficult to crack a question, do not waste too much time on it. In the end, what matters the most is the correct answer and not the steps.