National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) Exam

How to Crack NEET UG

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) - 2022 is one of the toughest exams in India that students are required to pass in order to get admission in MBBS and BDS.

Besides cracking it, what's harder is to secure high marks in the Medical entrance exam. As the syllabus for AIPMT is the same as that of 11th and 12th, it's recommended that you start preparing for the exam as soon as you enter 11th standard.

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Important Tips To Crack NEET- UG 2022 Entrance Exam:

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses:

Understand your strengths and weaknesses before preparing for the exam. For instance, you could be strong in Biology, average in Chemistry and totally clueless in Physics. This is important because you will create your plan to turn your weaknesses into strengths and ignore certain weaknesses if they are not important from the exam point of view and improve your strengths.

Plan Your Preparation:

Prepare a weekly study plan, and assign some chapters to study every week. This would help you to complete your syllabus in time. Also, along with covering theory, keep practising questions. NEET- UG will have multiple choice questions (MCQ) and practice those questions would be necessary.

Know The NEET-UG Syllabus:

See the syllabus for NEET- UG and compare it with your board syllabus. Note down important chapters as per the exam and your preparation level for those chapters. Focus on completing your remaining part.

Beyond Studies:

Give special attention to the chapter that you are particularly weak in and those that are important from the exam standpoint. It is important to study hard and spend few hours daily on preparation, but an hour or a half in your daily timetable will be required just for yourself.

Practice Well:

If you do not have enough time, pick a chapter that you are comfortable, and that will cover more questions in the exam. Give priority to important chapters if you have not revised them enough. If exams are just approaching, leave out the new chapters, it may create a lot of stress. And anyway you may not be able to master it enough for the exam.

Last But Not Least:

Attempt questions carefully as there is negative marking system. Remember that its chapters with high weight-age that you should prepare and finish first. This will not only complete your preparation to a great extent but also gives you a much-needed confidence to boost your morale. Try to complete the whole syllabus well in time for the HSC/CBSE board exam, so that you have enough time for revision. This will also give you a head start when you start preparing for AIPMT after the board exam is over.

Scoring high marks in NEET- UG is not rocket science. It just requires a considerable amount of determination, dedication, and devotion. Candidates need to keep in mind certain guidelines if they aim to score well in AIPMT.

Firstly, you should read the interviews of toppers and take a page out of their books to get good results. However, do not blindly adopt someone's study techniques as it is important to understand one's limitations while devising a study plan.

For wholesome preparation, study the NCERT books of 11th and 12th thoroughly and in case of doubts, you can refer to other books. Practice a lot of MCQs and build a strong foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Likewise, you can also practice previous years' question papers to enhance your preparation.

Apart from this, there are All India Test Series available online on various e-learning portals. You can opt for the same and boost your preparation.

The online test series will give you the benefit of knowing what kind of questions might come and where you stand.

AIPMT questions are not always repeated hence it is important that you revise all the topics carefully, concentrating on every minor detail.

As far as biology is concerned, learn by rote the whole NCERT biology books as most of the questions come from these books.

Take up online mock tests frequently and try to solve the paper in two rounds.

If you feel you cannot answer a question or the calculations are lengthy, just mark it and move on. Explain the whole paper at once and after completing it, start solving the marked ones. Mark the OMR sheet as you answer the questions. Don't leave it for the end moment.

By going to the Online Test Series, you can get the results then and there. This will help you in identifying your weak points and also the topics on which you have a real stronghold.

While learning, you should stick to one book and revise it thoroughly. Once you finish it, go to the next one. Simply going through various books is futile. It will only lead to confusion.

If you opt for the Online Test Series, you can give chapter-wise and syllabus-wise tests as per your preparation. During the last few months, take up syllabus-wise tests as it will assist you in revising efficiently and help you in making judicious use of the available time.

Try to complete the paper in two rounds before 3 hours. This way, you can increase your speed and time accordingly.

The National Level Benchmarking will help you understand how much more you need to prepare and where you stand. Your results will be compared with national-level toppers, hence on the basis of this analysis, you can improve your performance immensely.

You should revise biology more often as it will be the deciding factor while your papers are being checked. If you have issues with your current timetable, you can start afresh by making a new schedule every month.

Make it a point to study two subjects each day and gradually increase it to three subjects so that you become habituated to studying all the three subjects that will appear on the exam.

Don't forget to consider diagrams as questions might crop up from the same. Emphasize more on biology because 90 questions based on biology come in the exam. While studying biology, give equal importance to botany and zoology.

In case you have doubts related to any subject, you can either refer to different books or ask your friends and teachers. While you discuss problems with them, it will help you in solving the problem quickly.

Any doubt, when discussed, has less probability of getting forgotten during the exam time. Study with a concentration and a positive attitude which will help you give your best shot during the exam and prep you to nail the test at the crucial juncture!

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