National Aptitude Test in Architecture Exam

NATA Examination Pattern

Candidates who are aspiring for NATA exam should get familiar with the exam pattern. Explore the NATA exam with the schedule of examination. 

NATA Schedule of Examination

Date & Time of Examination Questions & Marks of Examination
First NATA Examination  

12th June, 2022 (Sunday)

Session 1

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (180 mins / 3.0 Hours)

Session 2

2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (180 Mins / 3.0 Hours)

Questions 125 Marks 200
Second NATA Examination  

03rd July, 2022 (Sunday)

Session 1

10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (180 mins / 3.0 Hours)

Session 2

2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (180 Mins / 3.0 Hours)

Question 125 Marks 200
Third NATA Examination  

24 July, 2022 (Sunday)

Session 1

10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (180 mins / 3.0 Hours)

Session 2

2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (180 Mins / 3.0 Hours)

Question 125 Marks 200

NATA Exam Pattern:

The exam is going to be conducted in June and July, 2022.

The Aptitude Test of NATA may comprise questions of Multiple-Choice TYpe (MCQ), Multiple Select Type (MSQ), Preferential Choice Type (PCQ) and Numerical Answer Type  (NAQ) and Match the following type (MFQ)

The questions will carry 1 marks, 2 marks or 3 marks and 125 questions have to be answered in 180 minutes. The medium of Aptitude test will be essentially ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Some questions may be in regional languages also.

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning - Tests the ability of logical reasoning, using diagrams and scenarios.
  • Numerical Reasoning - Tests mathematical ability through simple problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning - Assesses the ability to assess verbal logic.
  • Inductive Reasoning - Tests the ability to see patterns and analyse given data.
  • Situational Judgement - Tests problem-solving ability.
  • Logical Resoning - Tests ability to recognise patterns, sequences or relationship between shapes and imagery.
  • Abstract Reasoning - Will assess general knowledge, and ability to utilise knowledge in new situations.

Questions could be asked in various topics that assess candidates on basic concepts in mathematics, physics and geometry, language and interpretation, elements and principles of design, aesthetic sensitivity, colour theory, lateral thinking and logical reasoning, visual preception and cognition, graphics and imagery, building anatomy and architectural vocabulary, basic techniques of building construction and knowledge of material, general knowledge and current affairs, etc., and are may not be limited to those outlined.

Procedure To Be Followed In The Examination:

Report to the exam centre 9.00 AM (1st Session) / 1.30 PM (2nd Session)
Opening gate to the examination hall 9.15 AM (1st Session) / 1.45 PM (2nd Session)
Registration of candidate to be completed by 9.45 AM (1st Session) / 2.15 PM (2nd Session)
Closing date to the examination hall 10.00 AM (1st Session) / 2.30 PM (2nd Session)
Commencement of examination 10.00 AM (1st Session) / 2:30 PM (2nd Session)
Duration of examination 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM (1st Session) / 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (2nd Session)

Late entry of candidates will not be permitted in the examination hall after 10.15 AM (1st Session) / 2.45 PM (Second Session) and no extra time shall be granted. Exit from the examination centre shall not be allowed before 1.00 PM (1st Session) / 5.30 PM (2nd Session).


Mobile Phones, Bluetooth devices, Calculators, Slide Rules, Log Tables, Electronic Watches with facilities of Calculator are not allowed in the Examination Hall. Possession of such items during the Examinations may lead to cancellation of candidature.

Candidates found carrying any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers or any other material except those listed under. SL.No.-2 inside examination Hall will be debarred.

There will be no further examination shall be held under any circumstances for those who will be unable to appear on the scheduled date and time of NATA-2018 examination.

The primary emphasis in scoring the drawing section is on the candidate's drawing, imagination and observation skills. The Answer to each question in the 'drawing' paper will be examined by more than one examiner independently and the marks are to be averaged.

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