Karnataka Common Entrance Test Exam

Karnataka Common Entrance Test Syllabus

KCET syllabus are mainly based on the first and second PUC syllabi prescribed by the Department of Pre-University Education of Karnataka State. Questions are derived on three subjects namely, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Click on the attachment to find the detailed syllabus. 

Syllabus Description

KCET Syllabus

The exam will be held in the objective mode for the following topics:

Physics: Physical World and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Motion of System of particles and Rigid Body, Gravitation, Properties of Bulk Matter, Thermodynamics, Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory of gases, Oscillations and Waves, Some p-Block Elements, Practical Oriented questions.

Mathematics: Sets and Functions, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics and Probability.

Chemistry: Some Basic concepts of Chemistry, Structure of Atom, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and molecular Structure, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Hydrogen, s-Block Elements, Some p-Block Elements, Organic Chemistry: some basic Principles and Techniques, Hydrocarbons, Environmental Chemistry, Practical Oriented Questions

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