CAT Exam

Common Admission Test Exam

How to Crack CAT

Common Admission Test (CAT) is conducted for admission to India's pioneer management institutes in the country. In order to ace CAT exam, one should draft a unique preparation strategy. The below preparation tips will help aspirants in cracking the CAT in the first attempt. 

CAT Preparation: What You Need To Do In The Last 24 Hours 

For academic entrance examinations such as CAT, aspirants need to ease themselves at least one day prior to the exam to keep stress at bay. After the final leg of preparation, tell yourself that you are ready for the examination because self-affirmation is the key to success. Here are the things you need to do on the last day before taking the CAT examination. 

1. Never attempt a topic that you have not touched in your preparation. It is suggested to leave the complicated problems and incomprehensible passages from the preparation on the last day.

2. No topic is less or more important in the CAT examination. Trust your preparation and believe in your strengths. Be yourself and try to give your best shot on the test-taking day.

3. At least 8 hours of sleep is required for a fresh mind before the examination. And restrict yourself from eating outside food because you do not know where it will take you on the test day.

4. Respect time and always be committed. Avoid going on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. on the last day. They will just eat up on your preparation time besides exhausting you on the last day.

5. Keep all your stuff such as admit card, identity card and others in one place to avoid the last-minute rush. And be present at the examination venue at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

6. Have a simple breakfast on the test day and put on the clothes that you are comfortable in on the test day. However, make sure you follow all the rules and regulations set by the organising body.

7. Time management is the key to any entrance examination. Believe in your strengths and never encourage panic. Good Luck!

Important Tips to Crack CAT 2021 Examination:

1. Plan Your Preparation: Candidates have to prepare a study plan which distributes the syllabus in a day wise or weekly schedule. Make a plan to accommodate the entire syllabus of the CAT. You should be very careful when making your study plan so that nothing is left-out and ample time is allocated to all topics.

2. Time Management: Students should allocate necessary time for preparing for the entrance exam. Time management plays a crucial role. Allocate the available time into each section. Candidates who are appearing for the first time, have to allocate more time in preparing for the CAT.

3. Practice Mock Test Papers: Candidates have to practice the mock test papers so that they can familiarise themselves with the pattern of the examination. It helps them make use of time efficiently and to understand the mode of the test. Practice hard, as much as possible, till you are perfect at each topic. A minimum vocabulary of strength 10,000 is required for the exam. Read newspapers and editorials daily.

4. Prepare According to the Pattern: Candidates have to know the pattern and syllabus of the examination and have to prepare according to it. Rather preparing on all topics, one can prepare according to the pattern that will help them score good marks. Students have to select the topics in which they are most comfortable, but have to give importance to all the sections of the pattern.

5. Analyse Weak and Strong Parts: Students have look for parts of the syllabus which they are weak in and work harder in those sections. Identify the specific areas of the pattern and try to read as much as possible about those diversified areas. This will help you in reading comprehension. You must also focus on parts of the syllabus which you are confident about and build same confidence on the weaker section questions.

6. Personality Development: Candidates can find vocabulary part in the pattern, so they have to improve their English and grammar part. They are advised to improve speaking English by enhancing their vocabulary, the study of newspapers and editorials for 2 hours every day and reading at least two magazines and one novel each week.

7. Solve Old Question Papers and Reference Study Material: Candidates should try to solve old question papers to get ideas about the questions asked in the examination and refer some books that can guide them in preparing for the exam. The CAT preparation books should clear the fundamentals, along with providing all the tips, tricks, and appropriate strategies.

8. Practice a Lot: Along with the preparation, students have to practice a lot as well. This will increase their problem-solving speed and will also improve their confidence. Practice will make them perfect in the long run.

9. Be Confident and Healthy: Students must be confident in answering questions. It is one of the toughest entrance examination to crack, but it is not impossible with dedicated preparation filled with faith and confidence. They should take care of their health while preparing for the examination and they should take care not to overtax themselves.

10. Revision: When there are just a few days left for the exam, students should just focus on revising whatever they have learned, rather than getting into new topics. Revise all the covered topics and syllabus.

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