How Can Exercise be Beneficial for Students

By George

Exercise and physical education are of great importance to students. The children and adolescents are continuously growing and they need fitness to lead a healthy life. Besides eating healthy, playing and focusing on physique helps to maintain a sound mind.


Teachers and parents focus on how much the student should be studying. They are flooded with books, refreshers, notes and everything that is part of education. But a major area of development is forgotten. This is physical fitness.

How Can Exercise be Beneficial for Students

Many students today get too lazy. With the advent of televisions, online media, smart phones and streaming services, a student would rather opt to sit down in front of a screen after a hard day of studying. Moreover many students don't know what exercises will help them develop their skills.

Exercises can be beneficial to a student in the following ways:

It helps you keep calm

As a student there can be many hurdles one will have to pass through. There are situations where one needs a lot willpower and patience from within. Facing teachers parents,peers,the rigorous time schedule can make you feel pressurized. During these times, the student needs to keep up a positive vibe. Exercise helps one to do this. It increase blood circulation and freshens up your mind.

Increases Serotonin level

Studies show that exercise increases Serotonin level- which is the chemical responsible for making you feel happy. The release and production of the chemical known to be increased by exercises.

This will help the students a lot, because one needs to keep up their mood to study multiple subjects, especially during the times of examination. One can take exercises like biking and jogging for this.

Helps you sleep better

Sleep is the most important thing for a student. The whole schedule of a student depends on when he sleeps and wakes up. Loss of sleep can make the student feel tired the whole day.

Exercise makes your body work and uses up extra energy. This makes sleeping much more easier and once it becomes part of the routine, it helps to maintain the mental and physical health of the student.

Improves your ability to achieve goals

Students have to learn to set their goals and achieve them. This makes them independent individuals. Exercise helps the students to train themselves to go in a specific direction, figure out the goals that they can set and strive to achieve them. This happens because one has to do the same for all the routines. It becomes a part of your habit to achieve goals.

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It makes you healthy and fit- which increases confidence

Exercise makes you body work. It makes you sweat and cleans your pores. It removes the unwanted fats and keeps you heart working. Though students might not find many health related problems during childhood and teenage, but as one grows up the signs of diseases like cardiac illnesses, diabetes, arthritis starts showing up.

Many of these might be genetic. But you can do a lot to keep up your health from a young age. Also being fit will increase your outlook on yourself. You will be more confident and your self esteem will rise.

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These are some of the exercises that the students can look up and follow. Some of them might have to be conducted under the supervision of an adult:

  • Take the Stairs
  • Push-Ups
  • Squats
  • Crunches
  • Skipping
  • Jogging
  • Bent Knee Push Up

So not only does exercise help in being healthy, it affects the over all development of a person. A student requires the most of such a system, so that he or she can increase their concentration and focus on their studies without being stressed.

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