CBSE Manadates Physical Education Classes: Know The Benefits of Physical Education For Students

By Malavikka S

In an age where kids are seen as superhumans who are either some reality show winners or national awardees, there are too many things for them to do already. To top it, they are also expected to be serious with studies and be a rank holder. When hardships take a toll on children at such a young age, the schools have a responsibility to frame their curriculum in a child-friendly manner without a rote education system.Owing to this fact, the Central Board of Secondary Education has incorporated mandatory physical education classes everyday for classes 9, 10 and 12.


"Health is often a state of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Hence, we have decided to mainstream health and physical education for class 9 to 12 with the aim of preventing them from having a sedentary lifestyle or turn into couch potatoes," a senior CBSE official was reported speaking to PTI.

CBSE Evaluation On Physical Education

The grades accumulated during the physical education classes will be vital for students to attend the board exams. However, the evaluation process will be internal and students can take part in any sport to compelete this eligibility criteria. They just need to actively make use of the PT periods. The marks awarded to students during this time will have to be uploaded on the CBSE website regularly.

5 Reasons Why Physical Education Is Vital

This is where physical education plays a vital role in relieving the children from stress and study pressure. Here are five reasons why every school must spend quality hours on physical education:

Balances Brain Activity

Physical exercise is all it takes to refresh and nourish the tired brains. Physical activities help in enlarging your brain's basal ganglia which controls your ability to focus.

But this does not happen in the confinement of a classroom and helps students do something in the fresh air that induces a feeling of happiness that stabilises their mental health.

Physical Fitness

Something important after mental health is physical health. As children and adolescents, students can enjoy a good physique with PT periods. This inculcates the habit of playing and exercising without they needing to exerting much pressure on the concept.

Health hazards like obesity and blood pressure are easily away from children who indulge in sports and games. A good circulation of blood through an enjoyable gaming activity is the best gift a school can ever present their students.

Work to rest

A healthy lifestyle is when you engage in eight hours of physical activity and have eight hours of sleep. Physical education has this dual benefit. It helps you become active and fetches you the right amount of sleep at night.

A sound sleep supplies sufficient oxygen to the brain and helps students to remain fresh throughout the day. Also, the noon time dozing off might be lessened when work and rest are balanced. At this juncture, it becomes easier for the students to handle all their challenges and think clearly.

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Vent into good habits

Adults imagine that children do not have any problems in life and that only their own problems are larger than life. In reality, thats not what it is. Even children get stressed but many at times they do not know what is happening to them and end up in unhealthy habits like stress eating or hurting themselves.

Introducing them to the gateway of physical activity by teaching them sports, encourages them to focus their energy valuably and exercise out their stress thereby restoring peace.

Develops personality

Physical education develops personality as a whole. It gives a child the confidence to do activities. It also helps them mingle with their peers and teaches them the quality of a good team work. It moulds their brain to be flexible and dedicated and helps them evolve as a person.

Given the innumerable benefits, it is a bad thing that some schools still count the PT period as a free period and cash in even that time for covering their subject syllabi. It is in the greater good of the students that such practises must be avoided and sufficient space be provided for the wholesome development of students through physical education.

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