Tips for Students to Wake up Early in the Morning

By George

'Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person happy and wise'

Didn't we all learn that saying by heart in our early childhood days? And if we forgot to notice it on our nursery books, our mothers made sure that we know it. We have been told time and again about the positives of waking up early.

Tips for Students to Wake up Early in the Morning


But do we all follow this practice? On the contrary, students find it very difficult to rise up early morning.

How does waking up early help students?

Better Grades

A 2008 Study conducted by Texas University showed that students who wake up early gained a point higher in their GPAs than compared to the ones who slept late into the nights and woke up late. It is evident that students who wake up early tend to have an increased concentration ability and do better at studies.

More Time to Stay Fit

Waking up early means more time for healthy activities like exercise. Students get tired after a long day's work and evenings are usually spent on coaching and tuition classes or other recreational activities. Early morning one can focus on keeping up their health by exercise, yoga or meditation.

Identify and Solve Problems

Biologist Christoph Randler from Harvard University found in his research that people who wake up early in the morning tend to figure out problems in a much better way. It is also easy for them to solve these problems and manage their time, as their mind is alert and they are very active.

Surround Yourself with Good Vibes

Many research studies show that waking up early has a lot to do with being positive for the rest of the day. Your mind is ready to face anything and everything, and there is positivity in all aspects of your life when you start early.

Easy Transport

People who wake up early and get into their routines will find it easier to find transport. Many students in the Indian cities travel by public transport. By 8-9 in the morning, the streets are filled with vehicles, and getting stuck in traffic ruins the very start of your day. Getting up early will help one catch their commute sooner and one can travel without any hassle.

Now you know why you should be getting up early. But you may wonder, how to do this.

Here are a few tips for you to wake up early:


Now the first thing you got to do is to decide and accept that you have to get up early in the morning. It is easy to say it to yourself, but waking up can be very difficult if you do not stay motivated. Therefore the first step is to write it down in your mind with an iron pen.

One Step at a Time

Okay now that you have decided, you need to take it slow.

  • The first day, decide to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than your usual timings.
  • Continue this until you get used to it. (If you wake up late in any one of the days, you have to start all over again)
  • Now make that timing 30 minutes- continue until you get used to it.
  • As time goes you increase the timing with respect to how early you have to get up.

So keep the practice on!

Do what You Love

Whatever your hobby or passion is in, schedule it for early morning. If you are a practicing musician, get up early and train yourself. If you love painting, then you get up and paint.

  • This freshens you up
  • Gives your hobby a daily practice
  • The passion for that activity will definitely get you up.

Work Out

Many students complain about how even if they get an 8 hour sleep, when they wake up early in the morning, they feel like they should go back to bed. One way to tackle this is by physical exercise.

  • Exercise stimulates your mind.
  • It helps in organizing thoughts.
  • Maintains your physical fitness.
  • In doing so, it gets you up from being sleepy.

Continuing this helps in keeping an active mind in the early morning.

Sleep early

You can't sleep really late and expect your body to be active when you wake up. Losing on sleep, will make waking up early really difficult.

  • Avoid taking gadgets like phones and tablets to bed.
  • Drink a glass of milk before you sleep.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable.
  • Once you start sleeping early, you will see the changes in you waking pattern.

Don't Stress Yourself

Yes! It is important to wake up early. It comes with so many benefits. But it won't just happen when you want it to happen. Students feel all sorts of pressure because of studies and various activities. So once in a while if you get late, just let it go.

Now you know all the benefits and tricks on how to lead a productive life. So get up early and go do wonders in your life.

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