Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia" for Children's Day

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Happy Children's Day to ALL the present children, (past) children who've grown up now, and for the future children!

Childhood stories, tales, unforgettable moments, achievements, glued memories, feelings, sentiments.. Oh Gosh! Believe me, it would be a film director's delight to create scripts for all our childhood sagas; if given a chance to narrate them all in detail.

Oneindia Education, joyfully celebrates the lives and experiences of some of our dear and near ones who've shared their bits of flash backs, as children.


Read and enjoy the momentum of unique "childhood memorabilia"!

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

Innocence, a Gift of Childhood

One of the most dreaded incidents I recollect as a child (perhaps the biggest lesson I learnt too), is when I tried lying to my mom when I was 6. One day the artist in me woke up and I had this idea of drawing! I took a pencil, drew nicely on the walls and the fridge, making sure my mom was asleep.

When she got up, she saw my skills and to my horror, she questioned me (she should've at least given me a hug, come on! I drew so well!). I was sure to get spanked. To be on a safer side, I asked her "Will you beat me if I tell you the truth?". She said "No I won't." We were just two at home and thus, none to put the blame on! Yet, out of innocence (call it stupidity), I blurted out "No Amma, it's not me." What followed was a shower of blows. This incident taught me not to lie. And in a later phase, it also reminded me about how innocent we were as kids!

By: Siji Ram.

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

This is my 14/11 story which I cannot forget:

1996, 14th of November. I had been waiting for this day the whole week long because I couldn't resist all the toffees and chocolates and that feeling of "being special" and the free hours! On my way to school I met with my first accident ever! I saw that my dad had saved me from being bruised and he was bruised all over! The guy who had come randomly and had hit our bike then apologised and had to hear me scream and cry. I was scared. I was feeling low and blue as I sat in my place in the class. After 10 minutes or so, I saw my dad was at the classroom door with a bar of chocolate and some band-aids covering up his wounds. He told me to cheer up. I did. Half way though I won a prize that day in a game! A bitter-sweet day, I learnt to respect life!

By: Anusha.K.Murthy

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

Lost in Exhibition!!

During my school days, once I was lost in an exhibition. After running helter skelter, I finally found a guy who announces about the missing persons. I went to him straight and told that my parents are lost...and tell them to come here to get me. And the man was fully surprised and he was lost with my words, while my parents found me during the course.

By: Arun

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

A Journey Beyond My Imagination

From what I remember, I was always a quiet child. When I was younger, I kept to myself, while books kept me company. A whole lot of books, be it the classics, teen fiction, comics, well you name it. There have been many great books, but a series of them, which I'd like to refer to as ‘Epics', rather than books shall always stay with me.

It all began on a summer day of 2001, my family decided to take my brother and I to a movie called ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone', during the weekend, which wasn't a norm. The next thing I remember was coming out of the cinema, dazzled, sweetly shocked and captivated. Yes, Harry Potter had effortlessly managed to steal my heart!

Seeking after the saga with 7 books and 8 movies, I've remained to be a fan so far..This continued for more than 7 years, uptil now.

This is a snippet from my childhood that I shall never forget. As a proud Harry Potter fan, I wish you all a Magical Children's Day! Stay young at heart.

By: Chandana Rao

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

When I was a child.. i loved what paper boat makes of OUR childhood! i can relate to each one of them! they are BEAUTIFUL! :')

I was in love with all the animals that passed by in front of our house! sheep, goats, cows! here i am (was) carrying a baby sheep in front of our house! it was a week old and i remember getting ready for this shot :D

By: Shruthi.

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

"Barbie dolls was a plastic toy every little girl wanted to own. I was 7 when I got my first barbie doll on Children's Day and oh boy what a feeling it was! Nothing could suppress this memory of mine. It took me 2 long years of pacifying my parents about getting this beauty queen plastic doll so you could imagine the excitement when my eyes met hers! Being so fascinated about dolls just like any girl of my age. The very same year i wrote to Santa Claus telling him how much i wanted a complete barbie set which included everything ie her fashionable shoes, pink combs and not to forget the innumerable dresses.

Although, that year i was on my best behaviour towards Christmas, Santa didn't give me what i wanted! However, he gave. Me something much better than plastic. Father Christmas made my little heart happy that year by giving me a puppy who i named marzipan which resembled like one! These were the best moments in my childhood i never want to forget".

By: Denise B (at 7 yrs)

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

"I remember the wonderful days when we used to celebrate Children's Day when the whole town of kids numbering over 20 used to play hide and seek and how we used to enjoy it with innocent smiles and joy filled hearts I also remember the days we used to play marbles during our summer vacation in the play field near by much fun. I also remember how we used to get up early in the morning during school holidays just to make sure to catch the best track to play cricket on any of the neighbouring playgrounds . Every year on Children's day till the age of 10, we used to have programs in the locality where kids were pampered to sweets and other savouries". -

By: Karthik S (at 7 yrs)

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

I like to go to school because I have many friends to talk and play with everyday. My best friend Pranav Chenagappa and I sit together for lunch every day. On Children's Day we celebrate it by giving each other a bar of chocolate and a hug. On Children's Day, we also play a game of chess which is a game the two of us like. Last year, our teacher took our class for a visit to H.A.L. to see the planes and helicopters. On this day especially I like to go to school since we are asked to dress in fancy clothes, we do not have class hours and the whole day we just draw and colour with our friends. Our school gives us sweets and chocolates and the teachers dance for us too. It is a happy day!

By: Akaash Anthony, currently 8 years old

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

Growing up is indeed arduous and when I look back, life seemed so much simpler as a child.

Like most other kids, I remember being in a hurry to grow up. Back then, it seemed like adults had all the fun. They would get to decide all the rules. And that, in my two-year old head, was extremely exciting. My earliest memory is of me desperately trying to get past the baby-proof gate installed in the kitchen of our house. Credible sources (read: my ever-loving family), tell me that I used to clutch the gate and sob relentlessly to be let into the kitchen. For me, it was like there was a whole new dazzling world out there which I was not allowed to be a part of.

The memories of events of when I was a toddler keep drifting away as I age, but the magnitude of their beauty never fails to bring a smile on my face every time I reminisce about them.

By: Sonia Jacob

 Oneindia presents unique

Oneindia presents unique "Childhood Memorabilia"

My story of the Children's day.

During my school time, Children's day was one of the most entertaining days of the school. We were allowed to wear colour clothes, no books, no bags and the best part was, on that particular day we were pampered by our teachers, so for our group of friends it is like finding Kryptonite, as we bunch of pupil belonged to that segment who always stood out of class for our mischievous behaviour, getting punished for not doing our home work, getting scolding for playing pranks on teachers and students and many of such creative criminal activities.

But on Children's day the tables were turned all around, teachers, not only take care of us but also entertain us by playing games, sharing their school experiences etc. I cannot forget that there was a particular type of toffee we used to get at the end of every children's day and till I left my school the celebration of this day remains the same, even the toffee, same brand, same flavour and same quantity.

By: Nitin Konde

My childhood as

My childhood as "Panjabi ladka"

Yesss....this is how I was looking in my childhood days. I was called "Panjabi ladka" by my village people. My parents didn't have any girls that time and we were two brothers. So my mom used to keep like this. I was having long hairs which she used to tie and bind with a cloth. Every village guys used to make fun because of sardaar look I had. Really so sweet and beautiful were those childhood days.

By: Manoj Sethi

My Childhood: By: Heena Sayli

My Childhood: By: Heena Sayli

I was a quiet child and I was always amused by the colors of nature. One of the interesting facts about my school is that it was a multi cultural Indian school that was established in Dubai named Our own English High School.

Students from different countries used to study with us because our Indian education system was very good. I studied in a CBSE education system. I always waited for this day to arrive when children's day was celebrated. Because, this was the only day where we were not allowed to wear school uniforms but fancy dresses.

We used to dress up the way we would like to see ourselves in future, and I always chose to wear the Doctor's Lab coat and walk on the ramp. I felt so proud about myself and tell that "oh yes this is me". I am still quite amused by my way I used to style myself. But, today I am a designer I still don't mind if I have not become a Doctor. But as a young girl I would say when we look back at our childhood we were so innocent. It was time that evolved us into something, and I am amazed to see that.

I believe, that is why Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru loved kids because children are seriously innocent when they are tiny miny.

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