Learning Beyond Education. Seeking Life.

Beyond Education. Seeking Life.
There is an age old saying in Sanskrit language, 'Vidyaya-amritam-ashnute', which means wisdom provides immortality. A holistic growth of a person calls for knowledge beyond mere books or even systematic educational structures. Learning values and principles beyond education holds the key to moral living. It is an essential portion of a learner's journey in seeking knowledge and seeking life.


In observing an individual's 'cycle of learning', there has been a moral vacuum created in the process of giving emphasis to attaining knowledge and cultivation of occupational skills.

By being advanced or developed in every sphere of human existence, one may gradually cease to give light on moral growth and contribution. The number of educational institutions may have considerably increased, whereas the quality lags behind miserably still. Although there is an increase in the number of educated people around, social evil still persists and hovers over many parts of our modern society.

Howbeit, there is hope still.

Moral education inculcates a sense of oneness and cooperation among people. More than learning about different subjects, ideologies and theories in schools and colleges, it is timely essential to build the respect and reverence on moral and ethical values of life in a systematic manner. The educational process with moral value is very humanizing in nature. In general, the elements of equality, freedom, human rights, social justice, and dignity of the individual would play a vital role in shaping up democratic qualities.

Living in a diverse cultural atmosphere, there is an absolute need for effective value education, to curb anti-social elements such as casteism, behavioural disorder, lack of unity, violent activities, murder, hatred, selfishness and so on. Perhaps, upliftment of the weaker and oppressed sections of the society can happen only when we raise the standards of value-based educational system in the country.

"There is a part of a child's soul that has always been unknown but which must be known. With a spirit of sacrifice and enthusiasm we must go in search like those who travel to foreign lands and tear up mountains in their search for hidden gold. This is what the adults must do who seeks the unknown factor that lies hidden in the depths of a child's soul. This is a labor in which all must share, without distinction of nation, race, or social standing since it means the bringing forth of an indispensable element for the moral progress of mankind." - Maria Montessori

Applying right principles into every system of society like Family, Government/Law, Education, Communications/Media, Economics(includes Science, Technology, Business), Religion, Arts & Entertainment; will be highly influential enough to create an order and to establish healthy and incorruptible lifestyle in the present world and the future to come.

Knowledge must confer to an overall development of an individual and enable chiseling of spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of one's existence. A balanced life is what we can call it. Educators around the globe can imbibe universal ideals of respect, non-violence, love and forgiveness, peace and tolerance, co-existence and effective communication, and share it with the students or learners around.

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