Entrance Exams and Entangled Students: How to Relieve?

By Malavikka

The education system in India seems messed up as students are made to churn out marks than innovation. There is a blind craze to attend as many entrance exams possible to be in a "comfortable" position to choose from many options. The hard truth is different from this myth. The more exams one gives, the more insane it makes the student. Here's how:

How to Break the Entrance Exams Mania?


Endless hard work

Right from SSLC, students are asked to prepare and focus on securing the highest rank. But once the goal is reached, they are not rewarded as promised because, in reality, the ultimate journey does not end in one grade and it's mark.

It meanders endless into PUC and then colleges up to masters and doctorate degrees, boiling down to one bitter truth - your marks does not matter but how well you work in your company matters. Thus, the need for hard work never stops.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

In a student's life, there is an entrance exam and another exit exam. But wait! What about the actual semester exams that are cleared?

Oh, well that's probably just another exam. Leave out, the process from start to end of a degree. To get into one degree like MBA itself there are too many exams like the CAT, MAT, XAT.

A candidate is made to attend all these exams through which he can get to study only one college and one degree. But why such a cumbersome process for such a simple thing? Expected to sharpen the skills of students, too many exams, contrarily only makes the candidate more tired.

What do experts think?

"Test preparations has killed education in India," says Nitin Pai, Director of The Takshashila Institution, a body to study and develop public policies. He was seen expressing his view in a tweet yesterday. He took to twitter to express his concern over dying of quality education.

How to Break the Entrance Exams Mania?

What is the way out?

Education for Parents

Parents must be counselled to maintain a good mental health for their wards and let them go ahead with their choice of career than seeing them as a money churning prospect.

Not every profession is the same, some careers help you fetch money quicker but that does not mean it is the only means to earn. Any field of specialisation which a person has a flair for can lead to innovation and make the candidates earn greater than a mundane profession they are pushed into.

Career Counselling Drives

Career counselling drives must be conducted in schools at the school level for students to build upon their dream career and research ahead for the exact pathway they need to travel to get there.

It is a common thing that people who have no idea of what they want to become get into science group and then into engineering and even after engineering so clueless of their future. To avoid this blunder, students must be counselled to find their way into the right and fixed destiny.

Syllabus Revamp

As much as a basic theoretical knowledge is important, the employability and industry requirement must be kept in mind while designing syllabus for students. Tests after tests might give a better scorecard but it does not create a better employee.

Space for innovation

To be able to apply the knowledge imparted in subjects, students must be given the space to think on their own rather than just reproduce what is taught. Question papers must be framed to apply the theory concepts in student's own idea.

Say for instance, rather than a question to write a program to produce Fibonacci series, a question can be framed to write a program with a creative number play.

It is not a wrong move to write entrance exams but taking up more entrance exams is like scampering in darkness in a lost maze. Students must be guided to fix their career goals and choose the right path for them to reach it. More entrance exams are like more rules but no discipline. Making the process simple and bringing a common procedure would give more clarity and ease for students to proceed to their higher studies.

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