Reopening Blues? Tips to Start the Academic Year the Right Way

By George

Joining a college or a school is one of the most exciting things in life. Leaving one is a bit disappointing and saddening but it provides a space for growth and a new chapter of life.


Going back to college, or going back to school after a two-month vacation is what makes most the students cringe to their souls. The thought of entering the same gate, being watched by the same teachers, looming around the same old corridors, makes one want to jump back on the bed and cover themselves up in a warm blanket.

Tips for the New Academic Year

The morning will come, and one will hear their mother scream or the warden of their hostel ring bells to wake them. You can keep wishing, but nothing will change the reality. So this time let's get back to our schools and colleges with some additional knowledge.

Though new academic year may have the same old building and the same old batch mates, many things change. Students have to cope up with these slight changes because changes can be molded into advantages if a student takes the right decisions.


You know exactly what it means. Play the track of whatever happened in the past one year or however long your batch has been with you. Point the major events which involved you. Analyze them one by one.

  • Where they fruitful for you?
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you get into extreme trouble?

According to your answers, make a list of people, events and things you should:

  • Either Avoid the situation
  • Be part of the situation

There, first step done!

Get your notebooks ready

Many of you may ignore this point. What school and college students usually don't do is get their notebooks and textbooks right at the start. A lot of pop-culture followers may term this act, as being nerdy. No!

This is being smart. Having your notes from the very start will help you be on track. You won't have to scribble on some rough note, and then look for it when exams a day away.

Besides being brainy is very suave, just like how Mr. Sherlock Holmes does it.

Get your Essentials

Starting some new requires some slight changes. Get a new bag, a new set of lunch box or a really fancy water bottle, with some punny jokes on it. Customize your stationary, rather than just picking up a random pen, right before you are off to school. This will set your mood, right from the very start.

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Start Eating Healthy

You might ask why this is relevant in terms of reopening of schools. Studies have shown that food affects your mood. The healthier the food, the better it will be for your mood. Also, an occasional bite of your favorite delicacy, which might be a bit out of the healthy diet package, can help in elevating your mood. If one starts from the very start, they continue this habit throughout.

10 foods for students to boost brainpower10 foods for students to boost brainpower

Set up a calendar

Once you know the subjects that you will be studying for the year, you should schedule out your timings and days of the weeks accordingly.

  • Set up a calendar, which can be weekly or monthly, and divide your time for all subjects.
  • Give more time for the subjects you find difficult, but do not ignore other subjects.
  • Give time for relaxation as well - a ten-minute break in between every 45 minutes (for daily scheduling), and an outing on a weekend, would help you revitalize your energy.

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Studies are important. Everyone will expect you to keep your nose into your books from the very start of your academic year. But there are activities that are just as important as studies. It varies from person to person. It can be a hobby or participating in some charitable event. Students should start prioritizing these activities from the very start. If one doesn't and assumes that as time comes, one will go for an event, it might hinder your plans for studies.

Don't Stress and Relax

Yes, it is easy to say that, and far difficult to actually do it. But the fact is, there is no point in freaking out for a new academic year. It has to pass by, and one should focus on the positive things of your educational journey. Life in a school and college can be memorable, and not just studies.
Have fun with your peers, participate in activities and spend another year by creating memories, that you will reminiscence in the future.

Get your bags up and walk into that classroom with a smile.

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