5 Things to Avoid While Studying

By Malavikka

Ever wondered why your study methods fail, no matter how hard you try? Are you spending too much time with your books and yet feel that your efforts are wasted for some undetectable reasons? Read on to know where you are going wrong. Here are five things to not do while studying. It might be a small bad habit but it can lead to a major failure.


5 Things to Avoid While Studying

Over Drinking of Caffeine

Coffee is a great way to get instant energy but drinking more than the usual quantity could make you sick.

Caffeine increases your stress hormones called catecholamines. In response to this, it elicits the insulin levels. Insulin increases inflammation and makes you lousy. So the instant energy that you are trying to invoke can give the adverse effect in actuality when you overconsume coffee.

So whenever you are tired, stop using the same method of refreshment. Try other alternative foods like fresh juices and nuts.

Sleepless Nights

This is a common habit in those who do last minute studies. But sleeplessness can have its negative effect when you give your examination. Even though fear tries to keep you from falling off asleep, a tired brain cannot help you with a strong memory. So it is rather better to schedule your study time table ahead of exams and not forego sleep

Despite this, if you feel that you are running short of time and need to stretch through the night, try power naps in between your tired nights. There is a tendency to sleep a bit longer than you expected at times when you attempt power nap. At such times, make use of your biological clock and the alarm clock. Tell yourself at what time you must wake up and set the alarm in a loud ring tone. This will be helpful for your short term study goals.

Usage of Gadgets

This might be a common thing that you would have heard many times from many people. Usually, students use it as a stress buster in between their monotonous studying during boredom. So what is so hazardous about it?

First and foremost is that, it hurts your eyes. TV and mobile phones are not good for the eyes and when you return back to study after using them, instead of feeling refreshed, you would feel more tired. Moreover, it gives you an addiction to use it often and eat over your study time.

So what is the best alternative to this addictive habit? The alternative is to break the virtual environment and get some fresh air, which is good for your health and brain. Go to a nearby park or if there are no parks nearby, go to your terrace and look at all the greenery around you. It would only reassure you of your strengths and send back positive vibes to study. Later, when your study schedule is over, you can probably get back to your virtual network. But when it is study time, it is worth paying attention to.

Hogging and Munching

Although you might wait to eat until you starve, eating a heavy meal is not recommended during your study time. It might not only make you full and sleepy, but also cause obesity as you will stay put in one place while studying.

Obesity, has its own ill effects and in total be a penalty for a bad lifestyle. So, don't stay hungry just because eating will make you feel sleepy. Eating right will not make you sleepy. Break your meals right and do not skip it. After all your brain too needs some energizing food to stay active.

Keep a stock of fruits and you can rely on them whenever you feel like grabbing a snack. Fruits will add wealth to your health unlike the unhealthy junk.


Often for teenagers, either a fight with a friend or a new crush could be a major distraction when it comes to studying and it is really hard to stay away from all that at that epoch. So, before you start studying, make a list of all your distractions and tune yourself to not think of all that for specific time period while studying.

Even when one thought crops up, give it an alternative to think of something equally interesting related to your subjects. This can happen when you relate to your subject theories to real life situations.

For instance, when you are studying about the concept of molecules in a microwave, think of the kind of pressure that a peer gives you when you are inside a microwave like box called school or college. This will not only get you rid of distraction, but also help you remember the concepts better.

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