Importance of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in Schools, Colleges and Offices

By George

Culture and ethnicity has been a long debated topic. Many believe inclusion of communities, while some beg to differ. Today, as we heading on another year of the 21st century, the reasons for why cultural and ethnic diversities are important is becoming more and more clear.


In term of an institution, as a school, college or an office, one might think that things like diversity doesn't matter. But as many years of coexisting has taught as many lessons, there is one more that we must learn.

Importance of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity!

Diversity Study in Schools

Every school has examinations, and every examination has results. The parents and teachers meet day after every exam is the most dreaded by students. Parents are restless on these days too, because of their concern for the grades of the students.

But the parents need not worry anymore. A recent study has shown that the students, especially teenagers who socialise with fellow students of other ethnicities, tend to improve their grades because of the same.

The research was focused on the habit of lunching, among 800 students of class 6 in three different states. This means that if the schools increase the various ways in which the cross-ethnic communication is increased among the student community, not only will it help in improving the grades, but there will be more interaction of students from various diversities.

The study shows that every student, who is white or of ethnic minority (African American, Asian, Latina/o and multi ethnic) showed similar response in the study.

How is it Good for the Students?

  • The students white and Asian, who had already higher grades as compared to other ethnic groups, were also benefited from the daily cross ethnic interactions. The students had gone for an average jump in Grades of one third of a point.
  • Their social and other soft skills also increased, as they interact with fellow students of other ethnicities.
  • The study shows that this might also increase their ability in problem solving which can be transformed into academic success.

The lead author of the study, "It may also help later in life with career success, as individuals become increasingly comfortable and skilled at interacting with ethnically diverse peers."

So we can see how intermingling of students from other ethnicities help the students increase so many skills and improve their grades as well. One must also understand the importance of having ethnic and cultural diversity in professional areas.

Schools, colleges and institutions are where students start their foundations. These places are the launchers of leaders of tomorrow. The future of the society is being brewed in these very institutions.

If the communication between various communities, who have been at war, hatred and discrimination against each other for various reasons for many years start happening at these very places, we can see a much better future.

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If the students of today, learn to cohabit with each other they will not only benefit from it, like the way the study shows us, by improving various skills. But also they will be deciding on a future without conflicts.

Today, many researches show that an ethnic and culturally diverse environment is the best for schools, colleges and all areas of professional work, even offices. Check out some these points:

A New Perspective

Listening to someone who isn't from your ethnicity or culture, will open doors for you. You will be informed about customs, traditions, festivals, myths, facts, artists, movies and this could go one forever. So basically a lot of new knowledge and perspective.

A Global Touch

Being in a diverse environment will make you ease up to the global world, that we are transforming into day by day. The students of today, may have to live and work in a totally new continent, with everything new to them. Being exposed to diversities will help people get used to such situations.

Increases Relations

History is a witness to the many conflicts that the world has seen. But if you spend few hours of everyday with a person you will get used to them and close to them as well. Spending more and more time around culturally diverse situations will help individuals keep their ignorance and arrogance aside.

Increases Morale

Like the study which is mentioned above suggest, increase in morale in adults can also be seen, while they work in culturally diverse situations. New skills and ideas are brought on to the table, with which innovative breakthroughs can be made. It helps people understand that everyone is important.

As they always say United, we are stronger. Cultural and ethnic diversity can help us grow more and stronger, together. We must thus make sure that in schools and colleges, such practices are followed.

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