What can teachers do to be successful in their career?

Qualities of a successful teacher


Successful teachers are those who are intellectually curious and vital in their profession both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers who maintain a passion for teaching and learning and who try to avoid being idle at all costs are the most admired. Such teachers linger in students' memories endlessly because of their sense of fun, compassion and creativity. A sense of commitment, humor, passion for student learning and flexibility is what it takes to create a learning environment. From a successful education, students take away a personal relation with a teacher who has inspired and induced passion for their subject.

Here are some qualities that can contribute in being a successful teacher:

Get your purposes clear - In the world of education, a teacher's determination to drive students into great accomplishments and nothing less, is an effective way to self-fulfill one's own expectations. Teachers can inculcate the sense of confidence that every student can perform beyond their imagined limit and make it happen.

Being positive can help - Positive attitude brings in creativity. Negative thoughts destroy creativity and breeds the fear of failure. Successful teachers have an optimistic attitude, a sense of liveliness to see beyond temporary disappointments to the goal.

Have a sense of humor - A sense of humor and wit can make teaching stress free and leave a lasting impression. A sense of humor allows students to feel that you do not think that you are better than they are and makes you show that you enjoy your job. Humor gives a chance to look at circumstances from a different point of view.

Expect your students to excel - A teachers belief will motivate students to keep trying until they reach your expectations. This notion is similar for parents as well. Students need someone who is wiser and older to believe in their abilities. Creating expectations also brings out the range of abilities and skill levels in students.

Stay open to feedback - In teaching profession, it is hard to get 100% and immediate results. Expecting instant appreciation will be disappointing. The process of learning and education is a complex attempt like nurturing a garden. It does take time and also some dirt to grow.

Know how to deal with risks - Taking risks is a successful formula. Students will want to see you try out new things in the classroom and they will watch you carefully the way you handle your risk taking.

Enjoy your work - Enjoying your work seems to send out positive energy. The love towards your subject and work will come through your teaching. Your expectations can sometimes leave you uninspired and unmotivated, adjusting them might bring back your love for teaching.

Adapt to the needs of students - Classroom is like an evolving organism. Depending on the situation, you might have to plan your schedule to adjust to your students. Connect and modify your methods with the goals of your students.

Explore new tools and technology - The new technology and resources can be beneficial to your functionality and your classroom curriculum. Don't be apprehensive to use technology in the classroom. Give a head-start and use technology in your classroom.

Never give up learning - Good teachers always find time to learn as learning not only boosts your knowledge about the subject but also puts you in the students' position which you tend to forget when you are in the teaching mode.

Let your passion for the subject and teaching inspire kids. Your positive attitude will let the students take something positive from your class. Teaching is certainly not easy, it gets easier with experience. The above described are a few qualities for a successful teacher.

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