Top Expected Questions For IIM And B-schools

By Staff

After days spent burning the midnight oil and putting in every last bit of your effort, you have finally managed to crack your CAT exams! Congrats!


Now, it is time to gear up for the upcoming interviews and ace them so you can get into the top B-school, which you always wanted!

Expected Questions For IIM And B-schools

It is a common misconception amongst a number of MBA aspirants, which makes them believe that scoring high marks in the CAT exams can help them get seats in the topmost B-schools.

However, getting into a good school mainly depends on the personal interview round, which is a very important aspect of the interview process.

So, if you want to get into IIM or other top B-schools in India, you need to be prepared for the questions asked during the personal interview round.

Have a look at some of the most expected questions asked and aspects considered in these interviews.

The selection process at IIM and other top B-schools in India is based on the following aspects:

1. 50% Normalised PI (Personal Interview) score
2. 10 % Normalised AWT score
3. 40 % Composite score calculated for the first stage shortlist process

Now, let us look at some of the most expected questions asked during interviews, in different aspects.

1. Academics

1. Academics

In this part of the interview, a number of questions will be asked by the interviewer to assess the extent of knowledge you have in your particular field of academics; they will be based on your syllabus. Some of the popular questions asked are given below.

  • Most favourite and least favourite subjects
  • Projects related to your undergraduate course
  • Problems or questions related to your mathematics syllabus

    2. Work Experience

    2. Work Experience

    Many MBA students would have prior work experience or internship experience, which also holds a lot of significance in getting into a good B-school. So, in this part of the interview, questions regarding your work experiences will be asked. Some of the questions are:

    • Your role in the job
    • Details of the company you worked in
    • Overview of the industry you worked in
    • Latest trends in the industry you were a part of

      3. Human Resources

      3. Human Resources

      The HR round concentrates on your personality and goals for your career, which provides the interviewer with more information about your aims in both your personal and professional life. Here are some of the top questions asked during the HR round.

      • Describe yourself
      • Reasons for choosing to study MBA at this point
      • Where you see yourself in the next 5 years
      • Why they should select you over others
      • What are your strengths and weaknesses
      • Why you want to join this school
      • Questions based on your past work experiences
      • Asking you if you have any questions for them
      • Your hobbies and interests
      • What are your career goals and how can an MBA help you with them
      • The opportunity cost for an MBA
      • Reasons for a change in career path from engineering to MBA

        4. Others

        4. Others

        These are some of the most commonly asked questions which do not necessarily belong to a particular category, but are asked test your general knowledge.
        Current affairs

        • Economic status of the country
        • The social and political status of the country and the world
        • Questions may be related to your state and home town
        • Historical places and tourist places in your home town

          5. Top Questions From Different B-Schools

          5. Top Questions From Different B-Schools

          These are a set of top, yet unexpected questions asked in different B-schools of India.

          • Sing the national anthem (IIM Lucknow)
          • The coins versus note debate (IIM Bengaluru)
          • Play dumb charades (IIM Kolkata)
          • Tell us the author of a given book title (IIM Kozhikode)
          • How much tax should you pay? (IIM Ranchi)
          • Finally, try your best to stay composed during these interviews, because getting nervous can only be a negative sign. All the best!


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