Top 5 Things Students Need to Have an Active Life

By George

The things you do as a student shapes the future that awaits you. Your decisions and choices build a bridge which you will have to cross one day. The moment you enter your school or college, you are given many chances and opportunities to do the same. What would you do? Decline such offers or take up that chance and shine?


Many students feel the need to an active life. Even if you are that shy person who just puts their head behind a book, or keeps checking their phone, you may have an yearning to have a good life going on.

Top 5 Things Students Need to Have an Active Life

The definition of an active school or college life differs from student to student. Some may call it a good circle of friends, others may perceive it has being an all rounder, and some may see an active student life as a synonym for acing all those exams.

To each his own. True. But as a student, you should know that you are entitled to have a positive life. This positivity is important to every student as it bind the every aspect of student life together and makes things easier on the whole.

How Can a Student Have an Active Life?

Don't Miss Breakfast!

Among all the rumble-jumble that school or college has for you, one should never forget to eat like a royal in the morning. A student spends six to seven hours in an institution, followed by other activities like sports, coaching classes etc. Students need a lot of energy for such a routine.

The time between the morning till the the time you get lunch is the most important part. The first few hours of the morning will always be crucial as important classes and lectures will be taken. If the student misses breakfast, they won't have enough energy to pay attention. Moreover, being hungry would distract you and will have adverse effects on the health.

Finish your Assignments on Time

Now this might sound very difficult, but carefully thinking about it will help. You will have more than one assignment per day. If you keep procrastinating you will only end up with a huge load of work to do. There will be a clash of deadlines and you will be exhausted, which will stop the work that you are supposed to do at that time.

Instead, if you keep finishing off you homework and assignments bit by bit, every day you feel find that you have more time to relax. In the time you saved, you can take up other jobs and activities, thus saving you a lot of time.

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Take Part in Events

There are innumerable activities that happen in schools and colleges. Most of these institutions have societies or clubs that are open to new members. You may have a feeling that you are not a social butterfly and thus you shouldn't be in any of these places. Well, NO! If you have a skill or talent, and there is a platform for you then definitely you must go for it.

It is not just about showcasing your talents and socializing, but about developing the skills you have. Be it theatre, graphic designing, poetry, debating, sports, or whatever you want. And if you think you can't find a space for yourself, then find some other students with whom you can connect on a common interest and make your own club or society.

Be Organized

How will be being organized help yo be active? Well for starters, you won't have to run around looking for a book or something important. Secondly being organized will help you save a lot of time. Stack all your books, notes and documents in a certain order.

Either according to subjects or according to when you will be using the. Many college students live in hostels or PGs. They have to take care of things like washing their clothes and cleaning up. Do all the chores accordingly on time and keep up a routine. Once you start practicing this in small activities, it will become part of your life an thus helping you a lot.

Exercise everyday

Well we all know exercising makes us healthy, but for a student, this is a bit more important. Exercise relieves you off the stress, both mental and physical. Your body gets rid off unnecessary fat and makes you healthy and fit thus making you confident. You will feel fresh every morning, rather than feeling lazy and dreading another day at college. Yo don't have to go gym everyday, but a walk in the morning or better, running for almost 45 minutes will help you out.

Along with these tips, you must also get an eight hours of sleep. If possible try to nap for an hour or two in the afternoon. It will help you regain your energy, study in the evening and maybe then you can stay a bit late watch your favourite TV show or read a good book as well.

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