Tips for New Teachers on How to Manage Students

By George

Education is the pathway to a brighter future. We have been walking on this path for a while now and beacon of light that has been leading is forward is a community of people who have taken the responsibility of teaching and spreading knowledge - the teachers.


The idea of a teacher explaining and making others understand concepts and ideas is not a new phenomena.

Since time immemorial the relationship of a teacher and a student has existed. With age old traditions and institutions like Gurukuls, ancient monasteries and ancient scholars like Aristotle, Confucius and Chanakya who taught many disciplines, we have a rich history filled with the teachers bringing new ideas and carving the future of the society.

Tips for New Teachers on How to Manage Students

Today education and teaching has fallen into the category of money making institutions and a system which questions what the students don't know, compared to what they do. Knowledge has become information, students are seen as opportunities to make income from, and sadly many teachers are the pillars of this system.

In such an environment we have the young minds taking up this very route with a hope of changing the world for better. Seeing the harsh truths, many of the youth have turned to education to not make it just a profession, but to assist in making a better future.

Here are few tips for the new teachers to help them understand and manage the students

Prepare for Everything and Anything

As you step into this whole new world of teaching, get ready for it all. You might have to be ina situation where you want the students to listen to you, but you find out that they don't. You will have to face parents, and not just the ones who nod their heads to whatever you say.

You will have to patiently listen to their complaints and make sure you help them with what they want. You will have a management and senior teachers to respond to.

Yes! That sounds like a lot. But remember that no career is easy, and more importantly, remember that you took up this path to make a change and with that in mind move ahead.

Talk to your Students

One thing that many of us might notice is that sometimes teachers just walk into the class, teach, solve problems on the board and leave. Never forget that you and your converstaion with your studnets will have a great impact on them.

Tell them more than they have to study. Inform and educate them and at the same time listen to them. Sometimes you might find some things that they as irritating, but don't let that stop you from knowing your students.

Teach with Passion

Whatever little that you are given to teach, take it like the last lesson that you will be teaching. Make sure each of your student listen to you while you speak.

Use creative narratives and analogies while explaining complex concepts, so that it is easy for them to grasp. Make use of new technology so that the students can relate to you and understand you in a better way. Never think you are doing too little or that what you are teaching doesn't matter, as a bit of what you are teaching will help the studnets to reach heights one day.

Be Calm and Control your Temper

Many new teachers find it very difficult to control their anger. It is a nice journey when the students obey you all time, do not annoy you or do not listen to your instructions.

But that's not how the world works, right? There will be moments where you will be tested for your best and your worst. During times like this, take a deep breathe and think deeply.

Decisions taken in anger always have a bad impact. We all have memories of teachers saying something awful or behaving in a manner that hurt us. Make sure you do not do that. If you face such situations, calm down first and then take a decision as to what is to be done.

Practice what you require from the Students

If you want punctuality and orderliness from your students, you need to show how it is done to them. You can't be five minutes late and then punish a student for doing the same. Remember hypocrisy ruins the idea of you in the minds of the students. If you expect something like discipline and punctuality , then you will have to provide them with it first.

Being Harsh is Useless

You might think it is part of the job, but being a harsh person towards the kids, by totally neglecting their emotional and mental state ruins the teacher and student relationship.

Yes! Dealing with a bunch of students can get difficult, but you need to remember why you chose the career. They will always remember you as the person who was unmoved by what they felt. From the very start of your career define your values and stick by them.

6 things a teacher should never say to a student6 things a teacher should never say to a student

Talk to Senior Teachers

You may have your own ideas with respect to how you want to proceed with your career, but a little advice will do no wrong. You can always talk to educators who are senior to you and get suggestions and advice on how to deal with certain situations. You will be surprised with the wonderful stories you will get and moreover you will be eqipped with new ideas to manage your students.

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