Tips to Improve your Vocabulary

By George

A language is a mass of words and expressions. Each word has a synonym, but each word has its own definite meaning which can be used in multiple places with respect to the context of the situation. Language thus plays a very important role when it comes to discussing about serious topics and putting across a message.

We know that there are many words, but do we use all of them? And also at times do we use the words in the wrong context, only because the meaning of the word is similar? These some problems that the common human faces when it comes to communication.

Tips to Improve your Vocabulary


Many people think that it is just in terms of English, that one can face these problems. Certainly there is an importance given to English, because it is the most commonly used language across the countries, as a tool of global communication.

But in any given language, improving the vocabulary is very important. Knowing just few words will limit the person from discussing the many ideas that fly in and out of the person's mind. Vocabulary is the body of words that are used in a language.

Why is Improving Vocabulary important?

  • The command over the language you speak will escalate.
  • You will be feeling confident when you speak.
  • You won't be thinking about what to say and what words to use.
  • Communication of ideas will be better
  • Helps you improve your language and be competitive
  • Improving the vocabulary helps in knowing more information
  • Helps you write better essays

There many ways one can improve the vocabulary:

Read as much as you can

The more you read the more you will be exposed to the many words that are out there. Reading will not only give you new words, it will help you place the word according to the context and you will be able to use it in day to day conversations and especially when you write. If you do not understand the meaning of a word you can look it up in a dictionary. Some e-books and applications come with a dictionary so even this process becomes easier. Not just fiction novels, but newspapers, magazines, non-fiction books and every thing you can get your hands on and read.

Watch and listen

There are many words that you can learn as you watch and listen to an audio-visual medium. Children learn the language as they listen their caretakers talk. In the same way, people tend to pick up words and languages as they are surrounded by it. As you start watching TV shows, documentaries, radio clippings, songs and movies, your vocabulary will increase. You will start using the words in your day to day lives and would have a problem while using them according to the context.

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Carry a Dictionary

Wherever you go carry a small dictionary with you. In a class or at some convention, you might come across a new word, and by the time you get hold of a dictionary you might forget the word. Thus having a dictionary at all times can help you understand new words and their use. These days many people use phones and install dictionary into their phones, which comes with a thesaurus.

Speak with people

Know you might say that the who;e point is that you need to know new words to use them in conversations, then how can one improve the vocabulary just by speaking. Well, even if you know new words and phrases, their meanings, their synonyms and the context they are to be used in, you should be able to recall these words in your day to day life dialogues. Thus peaking with people would ensure that you are not just learning words but using them in your sentences as you speak. You can make a note of how many words you have used or ask a friend to do the same.

Try learning a new word each day

There is a reason why teachers insisted on writing a new word with it's meaning each day on the black board. Though one might not keep all the words I their mind, but definitely this process helps the students to be introduced to new words.

Keep a diary

Enter all the words that you come across with their meanings and use them in your own words. While writing down your day to day experiences use these words. By using the words to express your personal life, you will tend to relate to the word in more deep sense and thus will be able to apply it in your verbal communication.

Vocabulary keeps increasing with time. There are always a a list of new words that are added each year to the dictionary in English language. Similarly in all the languages as time moves on there will be addition of words. One needs to keep up with these changes and additions, to expand their knowledge of words.

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