Tips for teaching an introverted child

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Tips for teaching an introverted child

In a classroom of twenty five children or more, it is a special task for teachers to identify the needs of introverts and to cater to their differences.

When you look at introverted personality type, it is interesting to note how differently their brain works. Predominantly, it can be observed in their lifestyle and behaviour.

On a general scale, introverts are quieter people. Most often, they feel the need to escape the noise and the crowd. They are comfortable to take their own sweet time to process their thoughts and spend time alone. They need time to get acquainted to new group of students, and with each other.

Teachers have to keep the needs of introverted students in mind, as it is important. The aim here is not to turn the introverts into extroverts. But to respect their independence, allowing them to be happy in being comfortable with themselves.

Few ways to teach and train introvert students:

Story Telling
They generally love the act of reading. They are good story tellers too. Allow them to narrate their stories as much as possible. Facilitate them to present their strength of reading and story-telling talent.

Group activities
Facilitate them to be involved in group activities. Small group activities can work to their best benefit. Teachers ask questions, and students turn to their partner in the group to share their answers with each other. And so, they can avoid addressing the whole class.

Give time
Introverted students would need wait time before they get pulled up for responses. Sudden expectation from an introvert may get him/her nervous or confused. An appropriate amount of time would motivate them to think quietly, gather their thoughts, before answering your questions.

Independent work
In the classroom, introverted students must be given time to write their daily class journals, participate in smaller book discussions by voicing out their opinions within the group, read quietly and so on. Give them independent projects to work on. Apportion short-term leadership roles and observe how they perform.

Boost them up
Lot of initiatives must be taken to get the introverts up to speed. Give them ample number of opportunities to prove themselves at learning and performing their duties. Provide alternate ways for them to achieve the desired results in a classroom. Their strengths should be appreciated and valued. Make them feel that they are important.

Listen, when they show interest
When the introverted students raise their hand, it means that they genuinely want to be heard. Let them share what they want to. You are actually honouring their request by listening to them. It may go a long way toward motivating future participation in your class.

Being sensitive to different learning styles is the prime key. Focus on a well-balanced classroom that would benefit most children. Respecting a student's natural personality is valuable. Recognising their strengths uplift their self confidence. So, work to accomplish a cooperative and supportive classroom environment.

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