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Stress-check: Required for children more than parents?

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Stress-check: Required for children or parents?

Stress, in general terms, is expressed when we are overloaded with too many things that need to be accomplished and there is too little time to finish them all. If you are not one of those who don't complain about anything in the entire day, then you might have been at peace with your mind. However, when the reality hits and when one begins to realise that this is a fast moving world and only the best person can survive, then comes something that everyone is familiar with- stress.

Majority of the people suffer from being stressed. Considering the most important set of people from the lot, who is more stressed out? Children? Or the parents?

Things that parents are stressed-out about:
*Every parent is stressed due to the fact that their children are stressed. They worry about everything, from their children's hair-cuts to their marks, from the distance between 'school and home' to the amount of homework their children have to do, from the teacher their children like to the subject they are weak at. Everything matters. Parents want only the best things to happen to their children.
*Parents worry about the fee. Education today is an exuberant affair! They have to focus on being able to provide the right education to their children.
*These days, just a degree isn't enough. The children may want to study more. The parents have to be able to afford the impending demand.
*As the children grow, their demands grow bigger. Especially during their teenage period of their children, the parents stress-out a lot. It is all concerning their safety, their behaviour, their changing life-style etc.
* If their children don't study well, then they worry about their future.
* Not to forget the answers they have to give back and the comments they'll have to put up with, from the parents whose children are doing better than their own children.

These are a few in the long list of things that stress parents.

Going forward, let us examine the stressful things children face...

Things that children are stressed-out about:

*To please the parents. This happens especially when there are siblings and parents compare one child to the other. Parents have to look out for ways in which they can help the child out rather than comparing.
* To please the teachers. There are some teachers who forget that it is wrong to compare two students in the class. But since time immemorial, most of them compare students throughout the year. They punish the ones who don't perform. This is wrong. Children will be discouraged and stressed-out in order to please the ones who aren't appreciating them. Teachers must help students out and stop being partial.
* Peer-pressure. This is very common in today's world. As the competition has gone higher, the need for each of them to outshine the other has become an ultimate aim.
* Inferiority complex. Due to varied degree of classes and life-styles in the society, there might have been a moment where the children have to make themselves appear equivalent to the ones who are affluent.
* Exam pressure. Every student will have this in their stress list for sure. If they are unable to study, then they will worry about clearing or passing the exam. If they are those who study well, then they will worry about securing the top spot.
* Future thoughts. The child might be worried about the future; regarding which course to study, which college is the best, which company would hire him/her etc.
* The homeworks.
* The surprise tests.

These are a few of things that stress children out and there are a lot more. So now comes a question where one has to think who exactly needs the stress-check? We can clearly see that both parents and children have their own set of problems and issues to be worried about. They both need stress-checks. All that one needs to understand is that, as long as one lives, there is always something that isn't quite right. It mustn't make one stressed-out and worried. Life is not all about being in the race and always about winning. It is about living. Appreciate the things you already have and appreciate one another's efforts. You will soon realise that there isn't much to be worried about and stressed out about.

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