Importance of Critical Thinking Ability in Students

By George

There are many skills that are required for a student to develop into an efficient individual. For many competitive exams, these skills are used to find out the best candidates .Proficiency in written and verbal communication in languages, general knowledge, interpretation of data, logical ability and critical thinking skills.


These play vital role in securing seats in various government exams for jobs and for acquiring seats in colleges by entrance exams. These exams usually check the aptitude of the applicant.

Importance of Critical Thinking Ability

Critical Thinking Ability forms a very important part of your aptitude. Your future in a certain university or in a specific area of work might be affected by the knowledge you have in this area.

Benefits of Improving Critical Thinking Ability

Become Independent

We are not talking about living on your own. Independence from relying on other sources is what critical thinking helps you in. Sure when you start out, you will need to refer to multiple sources for information. Be it a computer system, the Internet, your teachers, parents or peer. But as your critical thinking abilities improve you will tend to make judgments without depending on others. You will be self reliant and would not need assistance.

Think Creatively

Being creative is termed as thinking something that hasn't been thought before. Critical Thinking will make sure your mind grows and that you come up with creative solutions to solve problems of daily life. Critical thinking thus helps in building creativity of the student.

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Develop Opinions

To think critically, one must be aware of all that is happening. Whether it is politics or art or philosophy, one needs to know as much as possible. This results in developing of one's own opinion which will help in the development of critical thinking. Development of opinions and critical thinking, go hand in hand.

Increases self-awareness

Critical thinkers are aware of their positives and negatives. They know when they are right, and thus are hard to be fooled. At the same time, they tend to draw a line between their rational thoughts and the emotional ones. Unlike many others, they try not mix these two aspects.

Helps you understand Others

It improves a person's ability to understand how others feel and the things the others have to deal with. This comes in handy when you are in a scenario where you have to work with a large group of people. You will understand their perspective and you can deal with others in a better manner.

Increases Decision Making Ability

Critical thinking skills help in the improvement of decision making. Students and professionals require the ability to make decisions on day to day basis. It affects their overall working and adds on to their profile as a decisive personality which has a great value when it comes to employability and stability in their professional lives.

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How to Improve your Critical Thinking ability?

Identify a topic in an objective manner

Whenever you think about a certain topic, think about it objectively. The first thing you can do is draw a table in your mind, with pros and cons on either side. Think about the topic in terms of positive and negative or advantageous and disadvantageous traits. You will begin to understand the topic in a much better way, and will have a strong opinion which will be based on your rational thought.

Be Curious and Ask Questions

Another method to improve your skills is by keeping on asking questions. It will improve your knowledge about the topic, cancel out any discrepancy that you believed in and develops your ability to analyse situations. You will learn to look at a subject from all the point of views, and thus your thinking ability will grow.

Discuss with your peers

Knowing about a specific topic is not enough. Learning is a continuous process that should bring a permanent change. To do this, one has to be in continuous discussion and debate with their peers. You will start noticing that you are hooked on to new topics, or learn something you didn't know before and understand different perspectives. It also helps you understand how other people think about a specific topic.


There is only so much that you can acquire by just observing and discussing. You will expose your thought process to multitudes of ideas and concepts if you start reading religiously. Many great writers have penned down their opinions and thoughts. You might find yourself agreeing to some of the content and with some you might disagree. But the point is to know how people think about ideologies and concepts so you will have a better understanding.

Find Problems and try solving them

You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes, running around the streets to solve mysteries. Simple problems, of any nature - a Rubik's cube, a mathematical problem, a reasoning problem or a social problem. Just put your head around it and try coming up with multiple solutions if you can.

Note down your observations

Everything that you have been doing to improve your skills, must be written down. It can be further used for reference or for other situations. Noting down, keeps a track on how well you have improved your skills. From achievements in thinking through in a situation to failing in some, all must be noted down.

Many might dismiss the need for using any method at all to increase the critical thinking ability. Usually people develop these skills by doing to day to day activities.

But if you think, you must be focusing on the same without losing a minute, now you know what you must be doing.

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