How to Handle Troublesome Students?

By Malavikka

Every class would have different kinds of kids who are difficult to handle. The rebel, the irregular, the talkative, the naughty and more menacing quality students. When a new academic year commences, it is common for teachers to be apprehensive about these kids. In such anxiety, there are chances for them to take a toll on those students. But don't you think that was what all the other teachers would have done earlier to them already? If that had not changed their behaviour, how do you expect that the same action would change them this year? Here are a few effective ways to handle troublesome students:


Probe but not judge

Teachers usually ask other teachers about the new batch of students who are allotted to their class. With the experience of other teachers, most teachers make a judgement and create a pre-conceived notion about their to be students. It is good to listen to others' opinion, but wait until you see things for yourself because people need not be the same to everyone.

A harsh teacher's behaviour could turn a student into a rebel while kindness can make him a gentleman or her a gracious lady. So first look for yourself and then decide how you want to treat them. This could give you better results than the other teachers.

How to Handle Troublesome Students?

Give and get trust

Some times giving a chance for the irregular students to be regular is giving them your trust than inducing fear. This is because such students are those who have already wiped out from them the fear of being punished. Act as though you immensely trust those students and make them aware that you have high expectations of them. This might not make them diligent, however, it could help them build on their own self-esteem that teachers can trust them and make them put in sufficient efforts.

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Hope for best, prepare for worst

You could make the best preparations to handle a rebel but you must not expect that your outcome would be positive the very fist attempt. Try out different means such as politeness, warning, trying to genuinely understand the students' problems in following rules etc. Don't expect only good things from them. They are more likely to misbehave as they too might have a preconceived notion about you from what they would have heard from their seniors. So take time to let them understand that you are being nice to them and then build an understanding.

Give them care than hatred

When you give kindness and care to a student whom nobody likes, they are most likely to give their loyalty forever. This can be of your advantage as they will put extra efforts to be good in your subject and class.

Spread positivity

Positive motivation works better than negative motivation. Make the naughty students believe that they are capable and worthy of being well behaved by introducing rewards like a star sticker on their records or candies for good behaviour. Help them feel good about being a good student so that they could make it a habit.

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Be their role model

On the whole, a teacher must show the students the right way to lead life by being a living example. Even if you are a strict teacher, if you are kind and just in your actions, the students will love you for your behaviour and try to imitate it. This will be your biggest success as a teacher. So eventually, misbehaviour can be replaced with good behaviours.

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