How To Best Answer “Why Our Company?” Interview Question

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

A job interview rarely lasts for more than 20 or 30 minutes. In that brief span of time, a person's calibre is judged. Thus, it is pretty obvious that every minute of the job interview holds a lot of significance. Now, talking of a job interview, there are many aspects of it that are familiar to us. This includes questions that are repetitive in nature and are often asked in a job interview. However, there are certain elements of the job interview that are meant to be a surprise to us and we are usually unaware of what is going to be asked there.


Now, since it is not possible for us to predict the surprise questions, the smartest thing would be to make a list of all the common questions and then prepare well for the same. One of the most common questions that is asked in almost every job interview is why you are choosing that particular company at that stage of your career.

How To Best Answer “Why Our Company?”

Understand that how you answer this question can make or break your career. This article talks about 5 different ways in which you can answer this question in order to cast a lasting impression in front of the interview panel.

While using that for your next job interview, it is advisable that you choose any one of the five tips mentioned below. By trying to club more than one of these approaches, you will complicate matters unnecessarily.

1. Talk About The CEO's Recent Interviews

Quoting the CEO or the senior management of the firm will earn you brownie points. This will not just show your interest in the firm, but will also speak about your active interest in current affairs. However, while doing so, make sure that the interview that you are quoting is a recent one.

Also, do not go on at length about the interview. This will make all of it seem scripted. Instead, try to speak a word or two about that and then keep quiet. The interview panel will feel that you know enough and that you are not trying to brag about your knowledge here.

2. Align Your Goals

Every company has its own goals and objectives. The same can be said about every individual. Now the chances of an individual performing well in an organisation increases if their personal aspirations align with that of the organisation. Thus, it will be a good idea to take this question as an opportunity to show your employer how your personal aspirations match that of the organisation's.

While taking this approach of answering this question, make sure that you gather as much information about the core values of the organisation as you possibly can. Also, make sure that you are absolutely confident about what you speak. Any wrong interpretation of information on your part may cost you the job.

Understand that almost all organisations are very attached to their core values and would not want to hire someone who does not understand the same. Thus, if you can convince your prospective employers about your attachment to those values, chances are that you have already bagged the job.

3. Justify Your Role In The Company

Although this question is asking you to speak about the company, the answer need not be restricted to the same. Talk about how the role that you are applying for in the said company excites you. This will make the interviewers take you more seriously. Talk about how your proactive nature fits in well with that of the said job role.

Go on to explain how the company's products or services have always interested you and how you feel that they are the best in business. While doing so make sure you do not go over the heights as that will make it look like you are trying to butter them up. Things like that do not go well with prospective employers.

4. Talk About Personal Association

Understand that there is nothing new about the company that you can bring out in front of the interview panel that they do not know. In such a situation, the smart thing to do is to try to bring in something new to the table. The only way in which you can do that is by getting personal.

Try to talk about someone whom you know who is associated with the organisation. You do not really have to specify the name. However, to make matters look genuine, it will be good if you can specify their role and designation in the company.

Mention how the said person spoke about the company culture and the scope of personal growth and development in the organisation. Go on to explain how that motivated you to seek a job in that particular firm.

5. Talk About Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This is a good approach if you have a record of participating in social activities to your credit. In this case, read up about the corporate social activity ventures that the company had undertaken in the past. Gather as much information about the same as you possibly can.

Once that is done, try to relate the same to social activities that you have been a part of in your student life or during your tenure at the previous company. Go on to explain how you are keen to participate in the CSR ventures of your new company.

This will make them look at you at a more humane level and think beyond your resume. That way it is easier for you to touch the hearts of the interview panel and bag the job for yourself.

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