How to Improve Leadership Skills in Students?

By George

The world stands on the shoulders of its leaders. Once they were Kings and Queens, today in the democratic-republic world we have Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Chancellors around the world taking care of the world and its people.


Leadership can of many types and can be on various levels. But at the end of the day, the virtue of being a leader is to give back to the society and help the world become a better place.

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Thus, if we give proper attention and grooming to them, we will be investing in a future with less conflict and more peace. Easy said than done, it is definitely a task for the parents and the teachers.

How to Improve Leadership Skills in Students?

But we shouldn't forget that the great leaders of yesterday did great things, only because they were guided by clever and strong-minded people. Some examples like Aristotle and Chanakya can give us an idea of how we groom the leaders of tomorrow we if we start at a very early stage.

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Here are a few tips that Parents and Teachers can follow to improve leadership skills in their wards and students.

Talk to them about Leadership

The students generally take time to notice and then learn from the elders about skills like leadership. This is why only a few get to adapt and learn these skills. If the students are talked to about how being leaders can be helpful for them and the society, they would already have some information.

  • Sit them down and simply talk about leadership.
  • One can use lessons or instances from history to show how leadership is important.
  • Make sure you start curiosity in them and they ask questions.
  • Answer their question patiently and listen to whatever they have to say.
  • Make sure you don't leave them with any wrong ideas about leadership.

Let them Take Charge

Though dialogue and discussions are very important when it comes start teaching something to the kids, when you are trying to instill a quality it's better if they practice it. Provide each student with an opportunity to be in charge for something.

  • Give responsibilities to students for things that they can do.
  • Keep rotating these responsibilities so that everyone gets a chance.
  • If someone is not comfortable, talk to them and let them try, and if they are still not okay with being in charge, do not force them.

Bring in more Extra-Curricular Activities.

Academics are of great importance, but so is being part of curricular and extracurricular activities. These help in shaping the personalities of the students. Students can also try multiple activities and see what they are actually into.

  • Have multiple activities and make sure these are open to everyone.
  • Thus initially the students will try everything and later on they can go for something particular.
  • Make sure there clubs or associations that the students can join, specific to one activity.
  • Here again, there should be positions for leaders, and regular activities must go one for each club.

Involve them in School Activities

Along with exams, clubs and extra-curricular activities there need to be more activities for students in terms of leadership.Students must be provided with a space to come up and help make changes in the school environment. Every school is a microcosm, and thus there will be issues and problems that many would be facing. Let there be space for students who want to bring for issues like bullying, ragging etc.

Tips for Parents to Deal with BullyingTips for Parents to Deal with Bullying

There should be student council where issues should be talked about and solved. New events for promoting the betterment of environment or spreading knowledge about other cultures can be organized.

Also Keep In Mind

As elders, we can do our best to imbibe leadership skills and other important aspects in the students and children. But we also need to understand that sometimes it is not what someone is up for.

Some students, just like some people would not be interested in being a leader. They would be better at playing some other role. We need to make sure that we don't force children to any extremes.

That said, let's hope that the world we are transitioning into has a lot of good leaders with the proper knowledge and courage, to stand up for the world.

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