How to Encourage Language and Communication Development in a Classroom?

By George

The ability to produce what we think, in speech requires choosing the right word and making sense to the other person. Communication is of great importance when it comes to making decisions and acquiring knowledge.


Students need to develop these skills as early as possible and the best way to catch hold of such a skill will be to learn it from their teachers. Students spend a long time of the day with their teachers. In this time, if the teacher can focus on developing language and communications, it will do wonders for the student in future.

Having a strong grip over language and communication will help the student become confident. They will be able speak their mind out, without thinking about whether they will make sense or if they are saying the right things.

How to Encourage Language and Communication

It will help them when they grow up and take up jobs, as most of the jobs require excellent communication skills. With such a skill in their pockets, students can look forward to a bright future.

The teachers are the ones, along with the parents who can make sure that their students achieve in the development of language and Communication.

Be Attentive and Listen

The first step to develop the communication skills is to listen. You will need your students to understand this. To do so, you will have to set the example first. Whenever they tell you something or come forward to talk to you, you should be listening to them with full attention.

Do not ignore or hush them away, because you are not interested. The students will reciprocate in similar manner when you want them to listen to you.

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Talk and Discuss

Have group discussions and debates in classroom about relevant topics. Even while you are teaching, ask questions and wait for students to take the first step and reply back to you.

Though some teachers may not encourage the talking of students with each other, but during discussions, let them have a chat about the topic. The teacher must take the role of the moderator. Make sure the point of discussion doesn't get lost.

Use new Words

While you are taking a class, or just having a chat with your students, make sure you use new words in your sentences. Make sure the students get the context, and if it looks like they don't then explain the meaning to them.

But while you are at it, don't fill up all your sentences with just new words. Doing this might cause the students problem in understanding what you are trying to convey, especially when you are teaching a new concept.

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Provide Names of Books and Documents

You might not be able to provide all the students with books, but you can communicate the names, or websites or magazines the students can read through. You can try out giving assignments that revolve around reading up.

Make sure the students go to library and are taking up books and documents from there. It might not be possible that the whole class will follow you, but there will be few students who will take active participation.

Use Signs

While teaching complex concepts, include gestures and signs. This will help the students to provide a meaning to the word, the sentence and the concept while making things easier for them to understand.

You can even draw on the board, and if you aren't that great at drawing, use a projector and show images or videos. This will get the students' attention, and you will find it that they understand the concept in a much better way.

Public Speaking

Have a session with you students, where each of them will have to talk about something or explain it in front of the whole class. But don't just stop there, make it interesting. While they speak give them a word every 15 second, which they will have to use in their speech. Make sure every student gets to do this and that this is continued over a long period.

What happens is, students who fear to talk in front of others will find it easier as time goes on. Moreover students will be learning from each other. You can have a question and answer session for 10 minutes, after everyone has spoken.

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Communication comes as a huge help when one goes for interviews and has to work with other people in top notch jobs. The power of speaking and convincing helps to spread one's career and personality in the right way. Teachers are the ones who can help the students' to reach such heights.

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