Being A Good Intern, Walk The Ways!

By Anil Paul

Ways for Being A Good Intern
Internship is an interesting and an important phase of a student's career life. It is indeed the beginning of one's career move. Although you would never be an intern all your life, it could remain to be one of your best lifetime career experiences, down the memory lane!

For all you know, getting to learn and know a new industry, new people, professional life, new atmosphere, new responsibilities and so on, could be a little taxing, but it never goes in vain for sure.


In fact, we are living in a competitive business world. The company gives you an opportunity to prove yourself during internship. There is no time for more or less. Business works the clock way. You are either on time or you are not.

To be an effective and efficient intern, you've got to treat the internship programme with utmost respect and get on track with what's happening around at work environment.

Take a loot at some guidelines which may come in handy at work place, with your first internship programme:

You will be under supervision, so watch out!

In a general scenario, being a good intern at work would always be accompanied by some hardships and tight workmanship. You would be keenly observed and supervised, with respect to your work and contribution to the organisation. Be careful about your actions, movements, communication, and work. It is a very common practice for any supervisor or the management team to observe your organisational behaviour, with or without your knowledge, during working hours and within the office premises. So, take good care of maintaining your purposes of being a part of the organisation, and never drift away.

Tips to increase your chances of bagging an internshipTips to increase your chances of bagging an internship

Diligently, do your job first!

It is very important to do the job which is assigned to you by your boss(immediate or higher ups). When you are in the office premises, your primary target must be to work finish the tasks given to you in time. Avoid other engagements like socialising with co-workers, involving personal errands with office work, surfing unofficial and personal stuffs on the internet, making personal phone calls and so on. Your utmost priority at work should be to work. Be diligent and prioritise your responsibilities.

Observe and perform accurately!

Just do what has been assigned to you. Ask questions if you do not understand something, or if you are confused about a task. Observe the work cycle. Have a clear understanding of the work process. Always look for the purpose of doing things, and the better way they can be done. Blind work would lead to meaningless workmanship. Sharpen your inter-personal communication skills. Perform accurately. This would build much confidence in you to be an effective intern.

Ground to check your professional skills and abilities!

Your internship is the right platform to identify and work on your skills and capacities, as a professional. Only by working on the job would you actually realise if you would be taking it up as a future career or not.
In the course of the internship programme, you would eventually know if you would fit into the industry or not. At the end of the internship programme, you may be ready to take appropriate career decisions.

Work with a positive angle!

Life has too many things to offer. Your job could be one of those. As an intern, try your very best to stay on a positive note as long as you contribute with the organisation. Avoid murmuring or grumbling about the task or the giver of the task or the company. Treat responsibilities as opportunities and not as burdens. It helps largely when you move up the ladder. Some tasks may not yield immediate results, which is alright. But some do, so ride on. Make 'consistency' and 'adding value', as your work wheels. Never give up on your challenges, specially if you think you can make a way to achieve them.

Give your best always!

A job is a job. Be it small, big, known or an unknown job. Doing it rightly and in your best capacity would always be appreciated and valued. At any circumstance, never withhold your best contribution. You'll surely make a good intern, if you are on a giving spree and if it is the best of what you can give to the company's growth. Aim at delivering value and creativity through your job, in an adequate and appropriate manner, as fulfilling the requirement.

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