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Advantages of classroom student feedback

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Advantages of classroom student feedback

Feedback is nothing but suggestions which tell us our current state of progress. Feedbacks helps both the provider and the receiver to test their own level of knowledge. Therefore, it makes sense to inculcate this trend in educational institutes. Feedback from students regarding the lessons, level of understanding, method of teaching, process of learning, techniques of learning and teaching etc. will throughly help them develop their standards in analysing data they receive.

Read on to explore how student feedback is advantageous...

* Critical thinking:
While passing on an opinion about the subject or the manner in which the teacher handled the topic etc, a student will be thinking in critical terms. Here emphasis will be made by the student to decide if the approach to deliver the data was proper or not. This will help them develop their critical thinking ability.

* Lateral thought process:
Another important development which would result as an outcome of providing feedback is lateral thought process. A student will consider pros and cons, weigh things out, decide and then put forth the idea. This means a lot of thinking happens parallelly.

* Making a decision:
Everyone struggles when it comes to making decisions. By letting students decide if they liked the method of teaching the lessons, or by letting them offer suggestions, their decision making ability will be enhanced. This is vital as they grow into adults where important decisions pertaining to their life, career etc. have to be made.

* Enhanced creativity:
When one has to offer suggestions regarding how best something could have been done, one would be using the creative part of the mind. If students were asked to provide feedback on a technique used, they may come up with innovative ideas to pass the knowledge in various ways. This helps them become more creative and think of alternate ways to deal with things.

* Improves self-analysis:
Students will be able to check facts and information in their own knowledge banks before they voice their opinion. This will help them update things if they are unaware of or share things which the teacher did not mention. It adds to personal development as they learn from comparing the outside knowledge with the ones they possess.

Therefore, allowing students to put their ideas across and to share their views pertaining to the teaching methods, teacher's attitude towards the class, techniques used to portray the lesson, procedures incorporated to help students learn, routines followed to help students succeed and progress etc. will add on to the students' development in judging and deciding the things. Additionally, it will help teachers to gauge their own strengths and weakness.

This will help both teachers and students improve collaterally.

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