5 Ways To Build Your Self-confidence Resulting In Career Growth

By Lekhaka

Indeed, competition in the job world is increasing by the minute. Now, the only way to survive is to ensure that you are above that of your peers. With education and certifications becoming all the way more accessible to people, for a particular post or position, there will be hundreds of applicants. In such a situation, if you allow others to think that they are better than you, they will do so. Indeed, the world thinks only that highly of you as you think of yourself and your abilities. The only way to ensure that you are ahead in this highly competitive race is to have confidence in yourself and trust your abilities.


Now, self-confidence is not something that comes naturally to everyone. In many cases, it is seen that highly competent people end up not believing in their abilities. To avoid such a thing from happening to you, this article talks about how you can build your self-confidence in these 5 easy steps and achieve all that you had always dreamt of. Read on to know more about the same.

5 Ways To Build Your Self-confidence

1. Change Your Body Language

A major part of a person's confidence comes from how they appear to the world. Hence, the first step to building your self-confidence should come from looking at the eyes of a person when speaking to them. The simple act of pulling your shoulders back tells the other person that you are a confident person.

When the world perceives you as a confident person, you will naturally start to think the same about yourself and that will naturally pave the way to improving your self-confidence. Simple gestures like dressing up well, combing your hair and giving yourself a clean shave will work wonders on your overall confidence.

2. Be Prepared

The only way to deal with your lack of confidence is to be prepared. As for example, if you have to go to a meeting and you are not feeling confident about it, the best thing to do would be to prepare well. Try to spend a lot of time on self-study so that you can get yourself acquainted with all the probable questions that they may ask.

This will not just enable you to feel more confident about the entire situation, but it will also pave the way for a better quality of presentation altogether.

3. Don't Accept Failure

The worst thing that you can do for your self-confidence is to accept failure and believe that you can never be better than what you are. Such an attitude will ensure that only negative thoughts will run in your mind. It may cause you to think that you are not smart enough, not athletic enough and at times not even capable enough.

Such thoughts will ensure that you will not perform to the best of your abilities in the professional world. The only way to deal with this would be to make sure that you do not accept failure. In rare moments, when failure does strike you, you should make conscious efforts to work against it and convert your story of failure into one of success.

4. Stay Away From Negativity

Anyone who is not a confident person will agree that there is a certain degree of negativity in their life. This is usually due to the influence of one negative person or a number of them. The first and foremost thing that you should do to build your confidence is to identify those people who are a negative influence on your life.

They may be your family members, friends or colleagues. Once that is done, make special efforts to remove these people from your life. Then, stop focusing on the problems of your life and try focusing on the solutions to them. That will help you to look at things from a much brighter perspective and help you see the good in things.

This will naturally build up your confidence which will not just help you professionally but will also enable you to become a positive influence in the life of others.

5. Prepare A Great List

No matter how good or bad you are, or what your professional qualifications may be, there will be times when things will go wrong and you will feel low. In order to prevent your confidence from shattering down at such times, the key would be to be prepared for it from before.

What you need to do is prepare two lists. The first list should be a documentation of all that you are thankful for whereas the second list should be all the accomplishments of your life that you are proud of achieving.

Note that these are personal milestones in your eyes and they need not be the things that the world perceives as achievements. Have these two lists ready so that whenever you are feeling low you can look at them and that will give you the entire morale boost you need to regain your self-confidence.

Indeed, with the aforementioned tips, you now have the confidence to go ahead and conquer the world. Even if you have to fake self-confidence in the initial days, there is no need for you to shy away from that. What you fake will soon become your way of life and you will meet a more confident and powerful version of yourself. The professional world will then be a bed of roses for you and you will be embarking on a journey of righteousness and self-discovery.

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