5 Lessons to Learn From Quit India Movement

India celebrates 76 years of Quit India Movement today. The movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi at All India Congress Committee's Bombay session meeting in 1942, turned in to a revolution that struck the final nail in the fight for Independence.

The struggle was real. Most of the members of Indian National Congress was imprisoned few hours after Gandhi's speech. Many businesspersons were against the movement because the profit they were making on heavy wartime. There was a lot of opposition that the movement saw.

5 Lessons to Learn From Quit India Movement


In short run, the movement saw lot of suppression, but in the long run the movement was the element that made the British realize that they cannot control India for to long.

The students of today should also know that, there was sporadic increase in how student community took part in the movement and how it became a stronghold of the movement.

The country that we live in today, and the freedom that we enjoy is all because of these souls that decided to take the road of struggle and go ahead with the slogan 'Do or Die'

Believe in your Cause

The cause for the movement was the freedom. The many groups throughout the country, believed that they will be freed from the clutches of the British if they fought for it.

Students should make sure that they believe in whatever they stand for. Whether it comes to believing in themselves, they people they look up to or the skills that they have. Only belief will give you the hope to keep up your head in the hardest of times.

Unity is Strength

The Quit India Movement saw thousands of people coming together, even being beaten, suppressed and imprisoned together. The leaders and the mass followers, all were put into jails. But they all stayed together.

Students need to know the value of being together and standing together for the right cause. The strength of being together, will be enough to stand against the most toughest situations'.

Follow your Leaders

The movement started with Gandhi's speech. It was the Mahatma who led the nation through the toughest times. The country stood with him and the results are right in front of us. We are free citizens of the country we live in,

In student communities, there are certain leaders that exist. Usually we might try to push them aside, and not listen to them. Their words are considered to be unnecessary.

This is where the students need to understand how they need to listen to the leaders. This will help them to become better leaders too.

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Know what you are Capable Of

The movement would have never taken shape if the people who took part it in didn't have the faith in them. Gandhi know how strong the country is.

The movement brought the country together and showed the hidden strength of the country, something the British overlooked.

As a student, you must always know how powerful you are. You may be over looked by your peers and teachers, but you need to know that you are always above their expectations.

So keep it in your mind and be ready to fly to your dreams.

Never Stop Trying

The Movement went through the worst. People were restrained and suppressed, but they never stopped trying. The love for the country and the desire to be free was close to their heart and thus their endless trials were finally rewarded.

A student has so much to learn from this. At each step we go through so much, and we feel like its the end of the world. We must always think about those hundreds of thousands of men and women who gave the best of their lives to make sure, we and our entire lives are happy and free.

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