13 Things That Deter Your Performance At Work

By Malavikka S

Is something unidentifiable holding you back from working efficiently at office? Some factors like attitude, jealousy, poor health and fitness, incorrect postures and more are the prime reasons. Developing a good understanding of your vices can help you combat it and enhance your work performance.

Even though passion should be the main driving force for your performance, there are other factors that could dissuade you from working well. Most of them are avoidable and the others can be solved by paying attention to those factors. Take a look at all of them to be careful at your work place and make the full use of your potential.

Lack Of Work Life Balance

Lack Of Work Life Balance

Sometimes when you get too involved at work, there is a possibility that you feel obsessed about it and end up working all the while, foregoing your personal time. While you might be under the impression that working all the time will increase your productivity, the truth is that your brain will become tired such that you might not give your 100% in all your works. So post office hours, take the time to relax and focus on quality lifestyle than carrying the happenings and work from office in your mind.

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Negligence Of Health And Fitness

A healthy body results in healthy mind, creativity and optimum performance. Skipping your meals due to excess work or running late will not help you in any way to become diligent. Poor care of your health and fitness could result in you falling sick and prevent you from being able to work. In case you get a temperature or pain on your body, pay attention to those signals and cure it right away than prolonging and thus exacerbating it.

Stress eating is another way of abusing your body by stuffing in excess food. So avoid it.

A good lot of employees these days suffer from hand pain or back pain due to wrong postures at work. The ideal posture you must have while working on a computer is erect back, with your arms till the elbow part fully rested. Nobody could forego pain for longer time and continue work. So don't let such silly mistakes come in a big way of pulling you down to work well.



Doing the same things over and over again is one of the key reasons for lack of performance. Induce some creativity in your work and working style every once in a while. Don't go about monotonously staring at the system all the time and following the routine like a robot. Put in some life to what you do by listening to some music (there are work music genres available online), talking to colleagues and indulging in extra-curricular work inside and outside office. Participate in office-hosted events and develop some hobbies outside work to keep yourself occupied in a fulfilling way.

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Not Efficiently Managing Work Pressure

As you keep climbing the career ladder, the pressure will keep increasing. But such things need not necessarily take a toll on you. Firstly, expect all that will happen at office. For instance, if you know that you have not completed the previous day's targets and you have a hot headed boss, you know that he or she is apparently going to shout at you today. So be prepared without getting anxious. Work on the solution than the problem. See how you can make up for the previous day's lag with extra or better work for the day. You could even convince your boss with the day's strategy than letting the past have a negative impact on you.

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Negative Feedback

None of us are perfect. So let's accept it and deal with it. Whenever you are pointed at for a drawback, don't get defensive and try to tell how good you are. It is okay to fail because you are not expected to not fail. What you are really expected of is to learn from your failures and not repeat it again. So accept your shortcomings and learn from it.

Not Knowing Your Weaknesses

All of us have weaknesses. If you are really not comfortable with someone else pointing out your mistakes all the time, then do it for yourself. Sit down and think of the reasons that does not let you perform optimally. Once you identify the weaknesses, it will become easier for you to work on it and solve it.

Wrong Attitude

No matter how good the things around you unfold, if you don't have the right attitude, all that is going to happen to you is going to be bad. Foremost, maintain a positive attitude about the people and things around you. The way you approach others is going to have a great effect on the way they respond to you. Keep your focus towards a problem and not people.

This means, whenever you have an issue with someone related to work, your thoughts must circumvent around the issue and not channelise on vendetta towards the person because the issue is no way personal. Even if you were machines, you will only throw messages as output to inputs. So do humans. So never take any words related to office work from your colleagues personally.

Carrying Over Problems

Not all days are Sundays and not everyday can you stay in a congenial mood. There will be days when you have unavoidable fights or bad moments. Carrying over the past bad memories at office will make your performance go on a downward spiral. Discard the previous day's bad memories and start anew for the present is alive and full of potential to change your past.

Lack Of Communication

Communication is the key element in any relationship and that holds good with your work too. If you need to work in a team or with other colleagues, it is unrealistic for you to expect other people to read your mind. If you have a point to put across do not hold it back. Put it forth politely. If you are heard or ignored is secondary but you taking the step to communicate is what that matters than what others do to you. Your attitude to talk could even change that of others' and open bridges for constructive discussions.


Politics is something that is prevalent at workplace. Even when you put all your efforts to have an open communication, there are chances that you could be misunderstood and draw despise from others. You do not have control over what others think or do but what you respond. Ignore the people and things that you cannot change and continue to do the right things every time and politics will dissolve in your strong grit.

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Has your co-worker got an extra increment despite you doing more hard work? Or was your colleague appreciated while you went unnoticed? Such things have the full power to cause a heart break. But wait a moment. Did you know your co-worker before you joined the company? What would have happened if the other person did not exist? Wouldn't you have been happy with your own rewards? Then stop looking at other people's success and start working on your own. A nurturing attitude will help you grow than jealousy that burns you down.

Not Living The Present

You might have high ambitions in life and think that you were always meant for something better than what you are doing now. If that is the case, you must not even be working in the place that you currently are. So what is the solution? There is no use crying over spilt milk. Make use of what you have in hand. Do your work well. You could simultaneously work on studying for something else if you want to pursue higher studies or apply for better job opportunities without losing the present opportunities.

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