Office Tips: How to Handle Night Shifts?

By George Thomas

A large number of young professionals head to their office and work at nights. Compared to the waking up early morning and finishing college by evening, late night shifts can be pretty hard on people who have recently started their work.

Most of these professionals find the sudden change very overwhelming. Even though companies and organizations try their level best to make sure that the employees don't have a hard time, the newcomers will definitely find the whole transition a bit difficult to keep up with.

The late night shifts can cause distress in the sleep cycles and can also affect your stomach. Your overall health will be under stress if you don't take care of yourself and equip yourself to deal with this new situation.

Office Tips: How to Handle Night Shifts?

Many employees, especially the new ones, being all passionate about their work neglect the negative aspects of working at late night shifts because its their first job and they want to do their best. This is a really good quality, but one must always remember that your health is the most important thing.

There are few things that you can take care of, while working at late night shifts.

Including these will help you remain out of any stress and focus on your work without causing any harm to yourself and you health.

Getting Ready for Night Shifts

The first thing that you need to start practicing is changing your sleep cycles. You have to get a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour go. So what you must do is sleep as much as you can before the shift begins. Simple right? Well there are some tricks that you can use.

Stay up late the night before. Watch some shows, read up on the books you haven't touched at all. By morning 5-6 sleep off. Continue the sleep for the rest of the day and then go for your night shift.
If you find that difficult, just sleep as usual, wake up early in the morning, and have a king's breakfast and get back to bed until your night shift.

Eat Healthy

This you might have heard all your life. But remember that while you are working your late night shifts, there is an immense amount of energy that you are using up. You need to be backed up with some real good nutrients.

  • Have a large breakfast whenever you do
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables (This will keep your body detoxified and fresh)

Drink up a lot of Water

You are on the go throughout the night and sleeping the rest of your day. This unusual cycle will cause stress to your body, that has been used to the other way round. So keep your self hydrated. You might even forget to drink water in the busy schedule.

  • Always keep a bottle of water with you.
  • Keep reminding yourself to refilling your bottle.
  • Come home and drink up a lot of water.

Hold that Coffee

Now don't be scared. We are not saying you shall not have coffee. Coffee is love, we agree. But having coffee in the later half of your shift will make it difficult to make you sleep when you get back home to sleep. So when you get coffee, have it cautiously. Drink up some caffeine in the earlier part of the shift so that you remain ready for the rest of the day.

  • Plan your caffeine intake
  • Bring in some coffee at the start of the shift
  • You can have some coffee during the halfway break of the shift too


Remember that you are tired and your sleep cycles are still getting used to the new ordeal. So at least for the initial few days, as you are getting used to the new shift timing, don't drive back home.

Precaution is always better than cure. There are many cases of employees getting into accident as they head back home after a night shift.

Don't sign up for long commutes either. You will become more tired. Make sure your office is at a distance that is easy to get to.

No Plans for the Day

Yes that's right and its for your own good. Think about this, for people who work in the day, do they commit themselves to things at night? No! You are working at nights and the days are your new sleep time.
You have to make sure that during the work days, you don't make plans and commit yourselves for any activity.

  • Keep your weekends free for all the plans
  • Inform your close friends and family about this situation
  • If too urgent take a day off from work, but don't try to manage both.

Family and Friends

Like mentioned above, inform your family and friends to not disturb you during the day. The days are when you are sleeping and getting refreshed. Calls and visitors will cause harm to your sleep and you may not finish getting the sleep you need, which in turn will affect your work.

If you continue to follow these tips you will definitely find some changes. And remember if you ever feel that you have any issues related to sleeping, and feel like you have a sleep disorder, meet a doctor as soon as possible. It's better to cure it than to continue the behavior, which will cause more problems.

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