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How to be GRE ready in one week?

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You could be in a fix, if you were in a situation where you have just one week to prepare for the all important GRE test. But then, this fact should not hold you back from giving it your best shot at the test. You still have 7 whole days ahead during which you can prepare something.

Here is what you need to do...

1) Subscribe to TCY Analytics Have ETS's PowerPrep II, ETS's PBT's in PDF form which can be got from

2) You must dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a day for preparation.

3) Begin with familiarising the concepts and different sections the test has. In GRE, you will have Analytical writing, Verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning sections.

4) Take mock test. It will help you analyse where you stand.

5) Begin studying the things you do not know. Then brush up the things you know.

6) Plan and schedule a time table. What do you like being thorough at first? Begin with that.

7) On day 1, do the familiarising, downloading necessary mock tests and test supplements, gathering information, deciding which universities to send the scores to after test, analysing your strengths and weaknesses.

8) Day 2,3 and 4, begin with the section which is difficult for you.

* If it is math review, solve problems and take math mock tests and memorise necessary formule. Forget the fact that mathematics is some unknown alien beyond your control! It is a little tricky and it may appear difficult especially, when you don't like the subject. GRE math review is not the ones that the scientists solve. It has those concepts of maths which you are already familiar with, if you have finished your schooling. Click here for math review PDF.
Click here to learn more about quantitative reasoning.

How to be GRE ready in one week?

* If it is the verbal reasoning that bothers you, then you could start by learning the meanings of what the sentence mean. Check out the tactics listed in Barron's GRE books. You can easily identify the context of the sentence and begin answering. Reading comprehension is where you can expect to score, although it requires you to read a large paragraph, if you can read it quickly or if you are able to track which paragraph does the question point to, then you will be able to get some good score.
Click here to learn more about verbal reasoning.

* Analytical writing is a challenge? Not to worry, there are tones of essays to read and learn the tactics to score high. Click here to get the pool of essays to learn from.

9) Day 5, go deeper into the more difficult questions, revise and take some more mock tests.

10) Day 6, check your performance, before you began, and the performance now. If you have been regularly following the schedule, you will see a significant improvement.

11) Day 7, relax. Check all the things you will need for the test day and keep them ready. Be confident and most importantly stay positive and calm.

You have rigorously worked your best for a week to score well, trust yourself. If there is a question that tricks you and you are unable to answer, just guess the answer and move on to the next one. You will be able to get a decent score.

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