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AP PGECET 2013: Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

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PGECET 2013 Syllabus for Mechanical Engg

Classification of flows -Steady, Unsteady, Uniform, Non-uniform, Laminar, Turbulent, Rotational, Ir-rotational flows, Vorticity, and circulation- Conseryation ofmass- Equation of continuity, Conservation of momentum-Eu ler's equation, Conservation of energy -Bernoulli's equation and its applications. One-dimensional Viscous flow. Couette flow-Plane couetee flow.

Two dimentional Viscous Flow; Navier stokes equations and solutions. Laminar Boundary Layer. Momentum integral equation-Flow over a flat plate-Displacement thickness, Mo men -tum thickness and energy thickness.

Turbulent Boundary Layer. Laminar-Turbulent transition-momentum equations and Reynold's stresses. Dimensional Analysis and Modeling Similitude. Fundamental and derived dimen-sions -Dimensionless groups -Buckingham Theorem -Rayleigh method . Elements of heat transmission. steady state conduction, convection and radiation. Furnaces.

Classification o f furnaces and their use in metallurgical industries. Heat utilization in furnaces, available heat, factors affecting it. Heat losses in furnaces and furnace efficiency. Heat balance and sankey diagrams. Principles of waste heat recovery. Recuperators and regenerators. Types and applicability. AMTD and LMTD in recuperators. Protec-tive atmoshere and their applications Salt bath furnaces.


Introduction, classification of materials, Space lattice and unit cells, crystal systems. Indices for planes and directions. Structures of common metallic materials. Crystal defects: point, Line and surface defects. Dislocations, types, Burgers' Vector, Dislocation movement by climb and cross slip. Dislocation sources, Dislocation point -defect interaction and pileups. Plastic deformation of single crystals. Deformation by slip , CRSS for slip. Deformation of single crystal. Defor-mation b y twinning. Stacking faults, Hot working, cold working.

Recovery, recrystallization and grain growth. Hall-Petch equation. Tensile stress-strain diagrams, proof stress, yield stress, mod ulus of elasticity. Typical stress-strain diagrams for mild steel cast iron and aluminum alloy.

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