How to Set Your Career Goals?

By Malavikka

Every person as a school kid would have had a number of ambitions for your career. When you were 7, you might have told your entire community that you would become an IPS officer one day. At 10, a doctor, at 14, a scientist and now nearing your time to actually choose your career option might seem like a life or death task as it is where your entire future lies.


The biggest question to strategise your goal plans is what are the factors to be kept in mind while choosing a career? Here is the formula to your problem. Listed below are a list of questions that you need to answer to yourself before choosing what you want.

How to Set Your Career Goals?

What do I like to become?/What will I be happy becoming?/ What job makes me proud?

Envisaging yourself into professions such as a airhostess or a dentist might make you feel very happy. Underneath these happy imaginations are the foundation stones for a passionate career. Make your inspiration your dream and aspire for it.

Will the job I look up to be suitable for me?

Eventhough you are happy seeing yourself as an airhostess, you should also retrospect that happy dream, if it would be exactly as what it appeared on your imagination. Analyse what are the other factors required for that job. Do you like travelling? Can you smile all day? Does outer atmosphere make you feel nauseaus?

So, take a wholesome approach on how much suitable the job you had envisaged would be. If this gets crossed out in this question, then list the types of job that would be suitable for your choices. Shortlist the best suited and zero in on what you love the most amidst that.

What am I good at?

As children, most of us do things just for the fun part of doing it. Even though you are good at something, you might not have given a thought about making it a career. To become a musician or a writer, not many get enough support from their kin and society. So, to fix on a goal, you need to not just like something but be zealous about it. If playing guitar gives you happiness, imagine what bliss it would be to make it your career. So surf your innerself for your strengths and build your goals on it.

It does not matter if you do not have a hobby. There would at least be one subject in your school that is your favourite. If you love Geography, you can become an archeologist or a weather man and much more. So pick your choiciest subject and research about the jobs available related to those subjects. This way, you will have more options to choose from and it would be something that you already like as well!

How important is money to me and earning how much will I stay happy?

A writer and a software engineer might not have the same growth rate. An engineer might earn his bucks quicker than the others. So, if you want to become a writer, you should be prepared that you will not have an equal take off like your engineering counterpart. However, with hard work, you can grow to incredible levels after you get into the job and retain your interest. So convince yourself about the benefits and sacrifices of the job that you aspire for, taking into consideration the money factor.

Given the multitude of the options left before you with each one alluring in their own way, don't be too confused of which one ot take up. Even if you choose the wrong career, you will only end up learning about it and you can change your career path any time in the first few years of your employment. While in school, choose a common science group and then you can apply for any degree. If you are confident of aiming at something, choose the suitable group and march forward boldly. There are no bad decisions. Ever decision is worth trying and learning.

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