How to Stay Concentrated While Studying?

By Malavikka

For a student to grasp the subject concepts easily, he or she needs concentration. But how to acquire this ability to succeed in the exams? With so many things happening around us in every day life, many at times studies might take a backseat and distraction takes the centre stage while trying to focus.

Are you one of them who want to know the secret to complete concentration because you are digressed easily and lose track over where you've been trailing to study for long? Even after trying hard to focus, does something keep on fidgeting with your thoughts? Here are a set of solutions to all your hurdles to concentrate.

How to Stay Concentrated While Studying?


Choose Serene Location

Is the sound from the dance party in your neighbours house penetrating through the walls of your house? Or are you so thrilled about their party that you are longing to go but do not have an invite and is that when you need to prepare for an important exam?

This is an instance that indicates clearly that you have chosen the wrong place to study. A good study environment can do wonders if you exercise choosing the proper place. Here are the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the venue to study:

  • It should be free of noise
  • It should be away from gadgets and other distractions
  • It should have good lighting and a generally pleasant environment

What are the best locations to study?

  • Park
  • Garden
  • Library
  • Quiet room

Train your Brain

The hard part of enjoying in the academic institutions is that the fun element itself keeps playing in the students' mind and it becomes difficult for them to take up a serious study session. Here are few ways to shut the distraction monster:

  • Before you start studying, have a time chart plan and condition your brain to act accordingly.
  • There are many brain exercises such as yoga and meditation. Initially it can appear tricky and might not interest you. But after few sessions, the technique will start working on you eventually.
  • Command with your inner voice. How many of you have realised the power of your biological clock, when you tell yourself wake up at 5 am and you get awakened accurately at 5? If not, try now. The same way when you tell yourself what exactly you want to do, your subconscience will execute it dexterously.

Time is Precious

The time you choose to study also matters when it comes to focusing. It should neither be at a time when you usually eat, nor immediately after eating because it might tend to make you sleepy. Choose a time when your body is happy to work united with your mind. Early morning, evening and late night are the best suited hours for concentrating.

Importantly, choose what time is much convenient for you than being confused about early rising or late night studying. Do not change your cycle in the last minute, lest you get stuck amidst both and both does not work.

Read Aloud

When you want to forcibly shut the distractions out of you, the best way to do it is to study aloud. This act will make you fully aware of what you do and intimate yourself immediately when you go off track. You can also make lot of lilts to sound good and happy to study. In fact, even goals announced aloud has more power than those dreams burried deep within.

It is rightly said to strike the iron while it is hot. So, aim precisely at the right timing and in the right method to study and make concentration your strength but not weakness.

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