Time to respect education in its true sense

By Deepak

Education can thrive when educators are knowledgeable and truly qualified. If the true sense of education is not imparted to the students, disasters are bound to happen. The recent example of the Bihar board exam toppers is nothing but mockery of education system of our country. The Std 12 kids did not want to study for the exams yet wanted to pass. All they did was to ask their parents to get them passed in the board exams. Well, they received more than what they expected; they emerged toppers of Bihar board.


The above mentioned incident is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is much larger than what it appears to be. Although it is not acceptable, kids taking things for granted and dreaming of passing an exam without studying is not surprising at all. Nevertheless, this type of attitude should not be allowed to grow further as it can turn them into irresponsible citizens with half or no knowledge of what they are doing and how harmful it is to others in the society. A recent example of an Associate Professor of English in UP shows what happens when one is not told about the importance of education.

The associate professor of English from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, who teaches at degree level, cannot spell 'evaluation'! When asked to write the aforementioned word he wrote it as 'evalluation'. This is just one of the many shortcomings he has. The professor is a victim of broken English, which he never tried to rectify or never felt the need to do so. He is not alone. An Economics professor from Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur too knows nothing about Economics. When asked to write International Monetary Fund (IMF), he wrote it as 'International Money Found'. Shocking! Isn't it? Even more shocking is the fact that these professors have been evaluating answer papers for several years. One can imagine the kind of students these individuals could have given to the society. They have been playing with the academic career of thousands of students.

Two faces of the same coin

The purpose of educating a child is to carve an ideal citizen out of him or her. However, the above mentioned examples prove that inculcating values and reverence for education is not possible with the efforts of a teacher alone, the family members, especially the parents play a significant role. So when the fake toppers of Bihar Std 12 exams asked their parents to get them passed, the parents should have understood the seriousness of the matter and should have nipped the disrespectful attitude of their kids towards education in the bud.

Parents have a major responsibility to shoulder when it comes to the attitude of their children towards education. If a child thinks that he can earn a degree certificate without studying, the parents need to consider the matter serious. They should sit with the child and make him understand that getting educated is important to earn knowledge which is not only important for their academic growth but also decides their professional growth.

The parent-children meetings do work well if carried on at the right time. These meetings hardly take place in today's time. Lack of such counsellings or consultations leads to students like the Bihar board exam toppers and the professors of degree colleges in UP. So the students come to educational institutes to become learned individuals for a better future not to become fake toppers. And the teachers have to be well aware of their field of interest as they play the beacon lights for the young minds to tread the path of idealism and authentic knowledge. They should not take up highly responsible profession of teaching if they do not know what they are teaching.

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Is there a solution?

Yes, there are several remedies to overcome the evils of disrespect to education. A few of them are as follows:

  • Let a child understand that education is important
  • Education helps one transform into a well mannered human being and a responsible citizen
  • A student should be told effectively that educational certificates are not just for getting a job or making money
  • Let them be dedicated, determined and hard working in order to score good number of marks
  • They should not get an impression that they can pass without studying because their parents can pay the evaluators
  • Tell them it is okay to fail in a board exam. They will get a chance to through the supplementary exams.
  • If they fail frequently, have a chat with them to understand what they really want to study or do in life
  • When they choose a particular field to work, ask them to have a thorough knowledge of that field
  • A very important lesson - money comes and goes but knowledge is eternal. So teach them to earn knowledge first, money and fame will follow.

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