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Single-gender educational institutions vs Co-ed institutions

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Although learning curves differ from person to person, be it male or female human species, it remains trickier to solve an equation of gender in terms of performance under an educational set-up; be it in colleges, schools, or even in society at large.

Banking on the belief that ideas emerge out of both minds, irrespective of the gender, powerful enough to create anything humanly achievable, it would be unfair to categorise education as just gender-oriented.

However, there are certain preferences laid by the parents and students over choosing the educational set-ups based on the choice of study and learner's ability. Getting into detailed analysis, some researches reveal difference of opinions on selecting 'single gender' and 'co-ed' educational institutions.

Single-gender institutions vs Co-ed institutions

Some opinions on - Preferring single-gender educational set-ups.

Girls learn faster than boys. If the teacher keeps repeating the same chapters over and over again just for the sake of boys, then what is the point for the girls?

More likely to stay away from risky behaviours such as drinking, drugs, smoking or any other self-abusive habits and more.

Girls feel that there's a lot more freedom and a lot less bad(foolish) decisions without boys around.

Self-confidence level is more, as compared to co-ed colleges and they work better. It has been scientifically proven that girls work better in a single sex school, and so do boys. There is an element of freedom girls enjoy by willingly asking and answering questions if boys are not in the same room.

While in school, in case of girls, puberty and physical changes make single-gender schools a better idea. A single-gender school helps solve this problem. They would learn to embrace their own gender and appreciate the opposite gender more.

Offer a focused learning environment. Competition between the genders can result in an unequal learning environment. By separating the learning environments, these issues are over-looked.

Some opinions on: Preferring co-educational set-ups.

Working side-by-side is cultivated for professional and mutually beneficial reasons. It is also given emphasis to understand the opposite gender much better.

It prepares them to learn and work with all types of people. When separated, they become more stereotypical and not spontaneous.

The performance levels are higher when in mixed classes, due to peer pressure and consciousness of being the best above the rest.

Single-gender educational set-ups are a bad idea because it takes away the learning ability with the opposite gender and learning to deal with them rightly.

According to the present generation, it is a big 'NO' to single-gender schools or colleges, since they do not like to be separated from their opposite gender. It will not help them learn to socialize and build a positive relationship with the opposite gender. So, why do it?

Both schools of thought possess their own advantages and disadvantages on the subject. But, in either of the cases, the motivating factor has to be on learning and not skewed to gender alone. Parents and educators will have a vital role in students' decision to opt for quality education and prospective future in shaping their overall performance, rather than biased selections.

If you have any more opinions on the subject, you may share it with us.

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