Should students be allowed to use digital gadgets in school?

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When the world has changed for good, wherein people wake up to a technology's call (alarms), it can be taken for granted that technology sure has had an influence on all. Hence, it is obvious that the youngsters would get themselves involved in technology. After all, the younger generation is formed by the curious lot, wanting to get their hands on the newest gadgets available in the market.


If statistics are considered, it can clearly be noticed that, most of the applications that come out to the tech-market are all created to capture the younger generation's attention. Hence, it can be noticed that the tech-market's primary focus is children and young adults.

Now comes a part where one has to consider if the students are to be allowed to use the digital gadgets which is the home for new technologies, in school or not.

Here are reasons why we should let students use digital gadgets in school:

*Helpful in the long run:
One might argue stating that, digital gadgets aren't really necessary for students to learn things. But one has to understand that the future of this world is made of technology. Foreseeing things, one will agree that today's children need the knowledge of using digital gadgets to help them learn, to survive in the demanding environment, the future has for them.

Should students be allowed to use digital gadgets?

*Ease of learning:
New methods of teaching have always been looked into. The better the teaching methods get, the better the students learn. Incorporating digital gadgets will ease the learning process. After all, the basic point, as to why technology was introduced to the world was to make things easy. Teachers can incorporate technology in the classrooms like the ones mentioned in "How to integrate technology in learning?"

There are more than one way to learn things that cannot be understood, when the children use digital gadgets. Students can become self-dependent, they can find the solutions to their problems. This would only require a proper monitoring, wherein the students' usage of illegal sites would be kept a tab on. If this is done, the students are free to learn, not just those topics that they are required to learn for exams, but with the access to the technology at their finger tips, they can learn other topics and subjects which interests them.

There is no easier way than making children learn something, when they are already interested in learning it. Digital gadgets are something that every child wants to own and use. If this interest is channeled to drive knowledge into them then learning becomes fun, easy and most importantly effective.

These are a few reasons why digital gadgets must be allowed for students to use in their schools. Everything in the world comes with pros and cons. It is the positive path that will help us reach the right destination. The same way, digital gadgets in the hands of young people can be a problem, but that is only when there is no proper monitoring. If the right things are to be considered, we can see that children would learn faster, easier and in a more effective manner if the digital gadgets are used for good ways to learn.

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