How to integrate technology in learning?

By Anusha

Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives today. Almost everything that we use, is influenced by technology. So, it becomes necessary that we inculcate this vital driving force in the younger generation as well. They have to be taught how to make use of technology in a manner that would prove advantageous to them.


Here are some ways to integrate technology in learning:

1) Playing the videos:
As mentioned in the flipped classroom method, teachers make a video of the topics they have to teach and then upload it online, the students then watch and learn at their own pace. Any doubts regarding the topics covered in the videos would then be discussed in the classroom. This is one of the great ways to teach students on, how to use technology to learn. Alternatively, there are many websites which are genuine, that provide education related videos, which can be played in the classroom for children to learn.

2) Creating online class groups:
There are numerous online forums and social networking sites available. In the same way, there can be classroom groups set up online, wherein the teachers and students can login to discuss the doubts and share new things they have learnt.

3) Assigning tech-based homeworks:
Assigning a homework that involves writing word-to-word from a text book will not get the students to learn anything beyond the words they write. The homeworks assigned must have some form of usage of technology. For instance, the students can be given such homeworks which involves them to make use of the technology they are to learn, like how does a bluetooth work? They can be assigned to share the study materials containing the details of how the bluetooth works using the bluetooth technology.

How to integrate technology in learning?

4) Recording a lecture:
The lectures can be recorded and shared, so that the students can listen to it and learn making use of microphones. In this manner, not only are the students, learning the subject making use of a digital media, they are also enhancing their listening ability alongside.

5) Gaming:
There are several games available, which are education oriented. Children love playing, and hence, this activity is one of the best ways to get them to learn things. Assign a task wherein, they have to play a game that is relevant to what is being taught. This will speed up the process of understanding the lessons.

6) Educate the students about safe way of using Internet:
The fact that the Internet gives the answer to many questions one has, must be considered while incorporating technology in learning. Students must be taught about how to make use of the Internet to learn about various things. Care should be taken that they are not lead into learning the wrong things. Right monitoring would make this a great source of learning.

These are a few ways to integrate technology in learning. You can suggest more ways here:

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