How to Transit from Working to Studying Masters Mode?

By Malavikka

A lot of factors influence the decision of working professionals to do higher studies. For some, it is financial strength and for some others it is managing time. How to break all the barriers and emerge a successful all rounder in your academics and profession? The secret to this success is just a few read away. Sit back and absorb how you can take over others through these simple and easy to follow steps.

How to Transit from Working to Studying Masters


Will you be able to study?

The first method to eliminate fear about something is looking back at what you already have. You are in no way an uncertain student who is blind about their future after graduation. You are already employed and have a job security.

Before starting off with a job, even the idea of working eight horus a day might have threatened. But now, you are doing great with your current job and ma y be a little more push could do wonders in your career. If you had come here from no where, you could definitely go anywhere. So muster your strengths and build the positivity around you.

How to manage time?

An important factor for concern is managing your time. This is definitely a tricky concept but given the choice to do more, you can definitely work it out with some dedicated planning. Schedule your classes for the weekend (most part time courses are on weekends) and allocate just one hour every day or alternate days to study.

This time can either be early morning if you get home late or if you are back early, you can make it in the evening. Initially it does not matter how much portions you cover. First, make it a habit to practise dedicating time every day, then you wwill automatically get into the groove.

How to manage to pay fees?

While some can afford to pay the fees from their pocket, not everyone can. And its okay to not do it. Scout for possible scholarships in the college of your desire or look for colleges that offer scholarshiips. There are also other groups that give you grants and funds on merit basis. Try applying for one of those or at the most, since you have a steady income, you can go for an educational loan and start paying your EMI right away without needing to wait for your first salary.

Also, when employees study something relevant to your work, some companies would be willing to sponsor them. So dont leave any stone unturned. Try asking your company for it by explaining how you studying a particular course could boost their prospects of turn over.

Is it the right age to study?

No time is too late to do anything and as for studies, humans are learners till the time they die. So it is not anything embarrassing to study in late years of your age. In fact, it is a matter of pride to be enthusiastic about learning and you could inspire others too around you.

Is it the right course?

This apprehension is a common thing and you can talk to one of the many career counsellors out there to find out which course has a better scope for your career and also what you would like to do. Research as much and consult with your colleagues in the higher rank or other people doing what you are aiming to do. Ask them what it is like to be them and then come to a conclusion.

Whatever might be the reason why you want to study, don't hesitate much about it and shoot the arrow before you change your mind because knowledge is seldom wasted and will always be your strength and never weakness.

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