Happy Raksha Bandhan: How Can Siblings Help Each Other in Their Student Lives?

By George

The day is special and you know the exact reason for it. All the sisters are running behind the brothers for gifts and there are decorated pieces of cotton bracelet around the brothers' wrist. There are sweets,kum kum, the pooja thali, smiles on the faces and a promise to be always there for each other.


As we grow up from being tiny tots, to responsible adults, siblings are the ones who help us through it all. If something happens, you first run to them, or call them up because they HAVE TO KNOW.

Even though you fight like snakes and mongooses, you would always find them as a support, either in the form of words of wisdom, or a joke, or a call from miles away, but their presence is always felt.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Siblings also help us go through one of the trickiest part of our life. They are the ones, who listen to our stories from school and college. About our classrooms, and teachers and our friends. They know it all even though they haven't seen it.

How Are Siblings Helpful in each other's Student Life?

They Listen and Know it all

The fight you had at school ,and how uninteresting the whole day was, you tell them all. You can even talk to them about your most personal thoughts, and you know that they will listen. With siblings, every aspect of life is eased up. So even if there is something grave, you know that they won't react like evryone else.

They will listen to you and know you through. Such a support system is very necessary for students as they go through a lot of emotions, and at times its nice to talk to someone close about thoughts and feelings.

Words of Wisdom

Your sibling will always have an opinion. You might even fight based on what you think, versus what your sibling thinks, That aside, you know when something is wrong whom to turn to for some advice.

Especially for younger siblings, they will find a lot of help from the elder ones, in terms of experiences like the first day college, examination anxiety, expectations related to marks and results. You will always find some sort of relief once you talk it out to your sibling!

The Defenders

Siblings are always defending each other. The best example, if you want to look for something convincing, will be the Stark family from Game of Thrones!

Yes, siblings are like wolves, they stick together for each other. Even if you both fight, and that causes some serious damage , you will hitch a plan with your sibling(s) and will stick to it. Well unless, its not that serious and you want your sibling to end up in some small time trouble with your parents. The joy of doing that has no limits.

The Teachers

Every younger sibling has been taught by his or her elder sibling. Whether its the arithmetic equations, or General Knowledge or Literature, siblings will help you when in need, (this is usually a day before the examination) and will make you remember every single word of what you study for the test.

They might even start resembling the teachers from your school, because of the emergence of sudden dedication to teaching. But you know that its the love for you that's making them sit up late at night, reading out random lessons to you.

The Instant Helpers

Most of the siblings study in the same school or college. When this happens, your sibling is the only other person that you know the most in the entire building. Yes you have your friends and everyone but a sibling is a sibling, and there are instances which you can't talk to about to your friends in school or college, but your sibling being there, will always help you out.

At the end of the day, whatever may happen, you know your sibling will be your stronghold and that they will be there for you and accept you for who you are. This is what makes the relationship between siblings different from all other kinds of relationships.

Hope you have fun with your sibling and Happy Raksha Bandhan once again!

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