Best 5 Opportunities in Fashion Designing

By George

Fashion is a word that brings the idea of latest trends in clothes and accessions into our minds. Designing of apparels thus is related to the term Fashion Designing.


From the Charro costumes of Spain of the 19th century to the Japanese Kimono to the Mantua gowns to the nine yard Saree in India, which can be worn in multiple ways. Fashion in apparel has become a signifier of the culture.

Best 5 Opportunities in Fashion Designing

With emerging trends and eye-catching novelty in ideas, designers have been brewing magic every time they put their minds to work. Fashion and apparel industry is not just about cutting fabrics and stitching. It is about art and science; elegance and eloquence.

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And though we might all agree on this, when it comes to a career in Fashion, many might take a step back. Calling it out as a not so secure field. Our parents want us to have a good life with enough money, plus safety and security. Fashion designing thus closes as an option for a student who can't say a sentence without using Valentino, Versace or Prada in it.

Don't Stress out, we've got this for you.

Here we have 5 opportunities after a course in Fashion Design:

Fashion Designer

Well, that doesn't take a genius to know. A course in fashion designing is a ticket to be a a fashion designer. But is that all that's needed? Fashion designing is about aesthetics. One can learn the technical part of designing, but if they do not have the aesthetics they may never come up with their own original line.

What does a Fashion Designer do?

A Fashion Designer comes up with ideas for apparels and other products. They create original ideas as well as mix and adapt different concepts. The final word on a piece is decided by them.

Why should you take up Fashion Designing?

There is definitely the glamor quotient. But all that takes years of struggle. Fashion Designing is for you if you breathe in fabrics, designs, and patterns and breathe out new ideas, in which they can be worn and put together. Vision and passion in fashion are very much required.

What are the Skills are required?

  • Knowledge in Fashion
  • Conceptualizing of ideas
  • Decision Making
  • Communication skills

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Fashion Illustrator

Visualizing an idea is just the first step to making a design happen. Illustrator makes sure that these designs are made into the right sketches

What does an illustrator do?

An illustrator sketches the designs of the designer. They give a skeletal shape to the ideas that are developed. They need really good sketching, visualization, and communications skills.

Why should you be an Illustrator?

If you like to giving shape to others idea and bringing them into physical form, this is your area. Sketching and adequate knowledge about various graphic designing software, for places and firms that use a computer, is needed.

What are the Skills are required?

  • Exceptional sketching skills
  • Communication skills
  • Visualization
  • Quick thinking

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Fashion Stylist

Style is not just how you carry yourself, it is about what you carry. It is the compilation of your whole package. A stylist focuses on this area.

What does a Fashion Stylist do?

A Fashion Stylist is the most important person when it comes to coordinating the products and apparels. Each dress will go with a certain pair of footwear, accessories, neck piece and so on. Fashion stylist makes sure that this coordination is properly maintained for shows and shoots.

Why should you be a Fashion Stylist?

If you the kind the person who has a sense of what goes with what, being a fashion stylist is the thing for you. Some hairstyles may not go with a certain type of clothing, a certain color may not go with your footwear. If you know the A to Z about coordination of fashion, being a stylist Is what your career call is.

What are the Skills are required?

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Open to new ideas
  • Communication skills

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Fabric Designing

For an apparel or product to finally take form the foundation has to be laid. The fabric or the textile has to be made, and a fabric designer takes care of this step.

What does a Fabric Designing do?

Fabric Designing is the making of the fabric that is used for apparels. The fabric is made from various sources by the various process like knitting and printing. The fabric used for any apparel is important. One cannot use wool for all sorts of clothes. They try out various fabric for various designs and finally give their yes for the final one.

Why should you be a Fabric Designer?

If your passion lies in clothes, how each of them feels different, and if you understand various fabrics and the uses of each for various types of clothing this is definitely your area.

What are the Skills are required?

  • Artistic view
  • Understanding different textiles
  • Knowledge about colors, patterns, and textures
  • Focus on details

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Fashion Journalist

Journalism is informing and influencing the masses. Information about every area is to be reported and fashion is a wide area that has a lot of scope for every season there is a show, event, and news. Designers line up to showcase new styles and trends.

What does a Fashion Journalist do?

A Fashion journalist reports on the world of fashion. Every design, every apparel, and designer who makes news, will be under the scanner of a journalist. They need to know about all the events and people from the fashion industry.

Why should you be a Fashion Journalist?

If you have a nose for news, to keep track of what happens in the world of fashion you can go forward to become a journalist in fashion. Another important aspect is converting these pieces into news or articles which people will want to read. Writing about fashion requires a proper knowledge about fashion and how to present it.

What are the Skills are required?

  • Content writing and editing
  • Content optimization
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of Fashion and the industry

Now the next time someone asks you about your future plans, you have something to tell them. Follow your dreams and get into the world of fashion if that's what your passion is all about.

So take that almost scratched out plan of yours to get into the world of Fashion Designing and fly away!

Want to work in the fashion industry? Here's how to do it.Want to work in the fashion industry? Here's how to do it.

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