5 Programming Languages That Every Techie Should Master

For beginners as well as more experienced coders, knowing the latest trend in the IT world is very crucial. Knowing a few ultra-obscure programming languages and gaining fluency in them is more or less the current fad since it is the quickest way to land you in a great job.

Also, The once viewed as faded languages are now being deployed to develop software with a combination of new and old tools. Chaotic scenario of utter confusion is being created- what are those languages that ought to be learnt by every techie to stay employed in the world of cut throat competition?


Fortunately, a leading youth portal, Youth4work has compiled the following hit list of programming languages that are hot-selling and the most sought-after by tech companies.


One of the most popular programming languages, it's doesn't amaze us that Java is counted as the No. 1 skill that almost every tech company is in search of today. Close to 3 billion mobile phones run on Java. In addition to over 125 million TV devices being dependent on Java. With a demand so strong for the skill, Java is practically everywhere in the IT world and definitely a must know.

Typically a core requirement for individuals looking forward to making a career as software developers or engineers, a senior Java developer makes roughly Rs 21 Lakh per annum if proficient.

5 Programming Languages Every Techie Should Master


With a pronunciation "sequel", the much in demand language stands for Structured Query Language (SQL). Known for being a special purpose programming language, it is specially used for updating databases. Now that every odd business is running exclusively on a database system, the language is getting popular and is extensively in vogue. To have SQL mentioned on the resume is an added feather for sure.

Online courses offer many tutorials on SQL since it is a far easier tech skill to learn and practice as compared to others. An SQL developer or analyst at a mid-level position can earn up to Rs 6 Lakh per annum.


A famous scripting language, Java script is quite popular while drafting interactive web pages. The language is text-based, however written in an HTML document that runs through a web browser. A Java script developer has quite many career options to choose, from front end web developing to much more. An average fresher or entry level Javascript developer can earn upto Rs 2.4 Lakh per annum initially.

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5 Programming Languages Every Techie Should Master


A general purpose programming language, C++ can be used in creating big or small applications. One of the most in-demand language skills at one point, C++ still holds great value since it provides a firm foundation for many new programming languages. Learning the language is an added advantage, however should not be the only language skill you excel at.


Another general purpose language, Python is a high-level programming language and lays emphasis on code readability. Considered as an easier programming language to grasp, the language has use of common words, expressions, more white space and less use of curly brackets.

Popular with NASA, Reddit, Django, Instagram, Pinterest and many such web apps and web frameworks, the language skill is here to grow. The average annual salary for Fresher/Entry Level (0-3 years) is Rs. 2.2 Lakh, and for Senior-Level (7+ years) is Rs. 21.0 Lakh.

Now that you are aware that learning a few programming languages other than the one you already know is imperative for career growth, deciding on which ones you need to learn and where can be quite daunting. Of course, there are ample institutes offering certifications in above and various other programming courses.

However, if you are already in the IT industry, it is wise to learn and get certified in these languages through online courses, where you gain the skill while working. To cater to both segments of youth - ones looking for jobs and others already working, Youth4work has come up with 1000+ skill based certification courses that are sure to help them carve a niche in the job market. Youth also have an option to first self-assess their knowledge about various programming languages through tests and then choose specific individual or bundled courses.

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About Youth4work:

Headquartered in New Delhi, Youth4work is an innovative talent development initiative with a vision - "To be the preferred personal space for every aspiring Youth to introspect, self-assess and improve his/her own skills". The user communities span across domains such as IT, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Retail, HR, Design & Creativity, Skill Development verticals, PMKVY and many more. Intelligent assessments and global ranking algorithms help users to 'identify and showcase' their talents whereby a variety of online courses and competitive practice materials help Youth acquire skills, improve their rankings and enhance employability. For further information, visit www.youth4work.com

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