Advertising: Career Opportunities and Scope

By George

Everything that we see hear and sense today is marketed and advertised. Persuasion is an art that has been used since time immemorial. The Aristotle's rhetoric, of sending a message to the audience was used in the form of persuading the masses to lead on for wars by great conquerers.

Today, the same form of art, is used in advertising. We watch these aesthetic visuals, catchy jingles, and colourful packaging and we do get persuaded to buy goods and services. Advertising thus has become a major form of revenue for almost all the organizations that offer products to the potential buyer.


It is part of the movies we watch, the jars of pickle we relish, the materials we use for construction and the smart phones we use to stay connected.

Advertising: Career Opportunities and Scope

What is Advertising?

Advertising is the art and practice of convincing the public to buy the products that are offered by an organization. The product can be in the form of a good or a service. The idea is to get a message through to the masses, which will persuade them.

The message may not always be about selling a product. Many advertisements are also about social issues and political in nature. Advertising has been used for the corporate scenario and other organizations to make sure there ideas are spread through the public.

Another important aspect of advertising is to present the message in such a manner that the audience can recall the message with efficiency. If the public can easily recall the message from their memory, then you have made your impact.

How to start a profession in Advertising?

Advertising isn't a profession for which you need to study and ace in the academic level. Though there are many colleges providing academic opportunity, and many students are going for the same. It is an art, and one needs to have a hold over their intution, and have great passion for advertising.

A student may take up any stream for their class 12 examination or its equivalent from Science, Commerce or Arts.

Remember that every field requires advertisement. (So if you have passion for science and advertisement, you may still go ahead in the field of science while focusing on the advertising area in that field

You will need a Bachelors degree from a recognized institution. Many students may take up Journalism and then go for Advertising.

After your undergraduate degree, you can take up a post graduate degree or a post graduate diploma course in the field of advertising.

Many academicians take up the research and continue their career as researcher and study the different patterns, historical and contemporary in the field of advertising.

You can get into the industry after a post graduate course. You will have to start at the bottom and make it up to the top, the advertising industry is booming with freshers and there is tight competition that exists.

What skills do you require to get into Advertising?

As a profession, advertising requires a certain set of skills for the fast paced and ever productive work environment. These are the skills that you will be requiring if you want to get into the industry:

  • Copy writing and content creation
  • Content management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Relations
  • Strong communication skills- verbal and written
  • Interpersonal and Intra personal skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Management of events and coordination

What will you be doing?

  • You will find yourself working for advertising agencies, who will provide you with tasks that will focus on creating a campaign or an advertisement to endorse a brand or an idea.
  • Many individuals after years of experience, start their own advertising company.
  • Advertising has a huge role in the print media, as the major revenue that is generated comes from this area.
  • Many companies will have their own advertising department, who will come up with innovative ideas to project the advertisements.
  • Though research is something everyone does, if you find it to be your forte you can take it up as your calling for continuing your career in market research.
  • Many individuals go on to teach advertising in schools, where with practical examples they inform the students of the various patterns and phenomenons of advertising.

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How much will you be earning?

A Senior Copywriter earns an average salary of Rs 5,77,843. The creative directors make highest on an average, thus making the profession likable. The average package of a creative director is Rs. 10 lakh. An art director receives an average annual salary of Rs. 4.75 lakh, where as graphic designers will be getting annual salary below Rs 2.5 Lakh.

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Top Institutes offering a course in Advertising in India

Top Institutes offering a course in Advertising around the World

  • The University of Queensland, Australia
  • University of New South Wales - UNSW, Australia
  • Birmingham City University, UK
  • Bournemouth University, UK
  • University of Illinois, USA

Advertisements can be used in putting forth ideas that are commercial, personal, political, subliminal, or social. It is a culmination of art, science and social sciences that helps in understanding and putting forth of messages in a systemic manner.

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