What Is The Fastest Way To Improve Memory Power And Cognitive Skills

Posted By: Anuj Mishra

Many students invest a lot of time in studying. They pack themselves in their study rooms and keep gobbling the concepts in their mind with sheer focus and dedication. This is a common presumption of a majority of students – the more time invested in studies, the higher are the grades acquired. But, is that really true? Maybe not.

There are many students who sit hunched peeking in their books for hours but all they understand is nothing when compared with the spent time. Later, even if the theory has been understood, it's an intense struggle to recollect it during a test or examination.

This way, only precious hours are wasted and the grades never see the necessary hike. With that being the case, the biggest question that arises is, what to do to improve memory and cognitive skills so that every minute invested in studying is optimised to its best?

Improve Memory Power And Cognitive Skills

Teach Someone

If you have read something or solved a mathematical problem, try to explain it to someone like a teacher would. Doing so leads to nailing the concept in your mind so hard that it never jumps out. It doesn't just store the concept in your brain for a long time but also acts as a test to authenticate whether you've really understood the theory.

Make And Study Diagrams

Reading words is never as effective as memorising a visual. If you are finding it difficult to understand something, either examine its diagram deeply or make one yourself. This may be a tree diagram or a graph. Now, when you remember the visual perfectly, you can frame it on your own in the examination even if you forget the words.

Get Rid Of Stress

While studying or solving problems, there might be thoughts rolling in your mind which induce stress. You may be worried about the upcoming examination, better grades of your classmates or something else. Such thoughts act as barriers to the lessons entering your mind which are otherwise not so tough. Thus, clean your mind of negative vibes and get going.

Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep

If you think studying all night, compromising your sleep will help you excel, you are definitely wrong. Sleep acts as a memory booster which cannot be replaced by any other activity. No matter how much you've to complete, make it a habit of sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours at night, which should be scheduled at the same time everyday.

Maintain A Proper Diet

We never think that even a healthy diet may sharpen our brain, but it does. Talking biologically, our brain consists of a majority of fat content. Therefore, fat-rich food feeds your brain the appropriate nutrient making it healthier and helping you brainstorm more efficiently.

However, you must also make sure you don't eat till the extent of getting blown up (pun intended). 

Improve Memory Power And Cognitive Skills

Play Brain Games And Puzzles

Just like our body needs the workout to stay fit, our brain also needs some hustling consistently to stay active. Whenever you are left with spare time, instead of wasting it on social media or watching the television, solve the daily puzzles which come in the newspapers or play any type of game which requires a bit of intellect.

Gradually, you will find it easy to solve difficult problems and you will remember even the most complex of theories for many days.


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