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What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?

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What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?

Before we weigh things out, we need to know what exactly is homeschooling. Homeschooling as the name suggests is teaching a child or children of not more than two families at a nonpublic school. A parent, a guardian or a tutor will provide the academic instructions.

Now there are many things to consider before we end up saying it is better than sending children to schools. Here are the pros and cons of homeschooling:

Pros of homeschooling:

* Freedom:
The children are free to choose what they would want to learn. Alternatively, the one who teaches too is free to choose the subjects to be taught. This will be advantageous if the subjects chosen focuses on children's interest.

* Better family relationship:
Since in homeschooling concept the teacher is either a parent, a guardian or a tutor; there is a big chance of building up a healthy relationship with the children. This would especially be good if the teacher is a parent. A great deal of understanding and building up of family relationships can be achieved.

* Integrated and stable education:
Homeschooling involves the same person teaching various subjects over a long period of time, it becomes integrated and stable. Children will be able to adjust to the teaching method and they will be able to learn well.

* Good teaching materials:
The concern about the children in homeschooling by the teachers is high. Hence, the teachers make sure of providing best education materials to make the children understand better.

* Attention and help given:
Certainly the level of attention and help the children get in homeschooling is higher in comparison with learning at a school. Because of the small size of the class, teachers will be able to give complete attention to the children. Any doubt that comes up can be addressed immediately.

Cons of homeschooling:

* Lack of exposure:
Considering in a broad sense, the children who come under homeschooling category suffer the lack of exposure to the world in many aspects.

* Lack of socialisation:
Children who are home-schooled, have no means of making new friends. The majority of the time is spent with the same set of people. This may lead to children backing out of or fearing the idea of socialising.

* Limited means of learning:
Since there is just one teacher and not many people around, the other means of learning is lost. For example, learning something new from a classmate.

* Cut-off from school activities:
Schools conduct various activities and competitions, the children get to learn a lot when they take part in it, exchange ideas and interact. In homeschooling there is hardly any competition to be taken part in. This brings down the creativity in children. And also obstructs them from becoming prepared for a competitive world that awaits them.

* Frog-in-a-pond scenario:
Homeschooling may end up making the child as a frog-in-a-pond. When there is lack of exposure to the world in terms of socialising, learning from various sources and going out to explore with a bunch of people their age; children end up with limited imagination. This may have a negative effect in the long run. They may not be able to cope up with their peers in the future. For instance, when they go for higher studies to universities of when they go to work.

Therefore, a holistic manner of teaching and learning method is recommended. This way the children will be able to cope with the changing world.

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